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Ingenues / Melodears

The Ingenues (the band that Juel, Mary, and Dorothy Donahoe played in)

For the photo below, according to Ginny Zender: 
This IS A RARE FAMILY PHOTO WITH ALL THREE OF THEM TOGETHER.  Mary the oldest was born in 1899, my mother in 1912--so pretty good age spread and they were usually doing different things and/or in different stages of life.

Mary Donahoe is FOURTH from our left; a tall-ish woman with the round-topped hat tilted handsomely to partially-cover one eye.   I am really excited about this photo because there aren't many pictures of never-married almost forgotten Mary; and she was talented at so many things; painting, writing, sewing, and all those instruments she played. Dorothy is in the front row between a trombone player to our left and an accordion player on the right. She is also wearing a very long lariat-type necklace.  Her features and Mary's are more angular and sharp than my more oval shaped face mother.  Dorothy had the darkest hair, so she is usually recognizable in the pics.  Mary had freckles and very very fair skin and a really pretty strawberry color or light red hair.  My mother had more of the brighter red, also very fair with freckles, but not lanky like those two.  My very young mother Juel Gertrude Foster Donahoe was only about 16 in this picture.  She looks like a fresh-faced teenager alright; pulled out of Immaculata High School on Lake Shore drive in her Sophomore year, to travel across the world. I wonder how about the effect that might have had on her.  She liked school and was also very good at writing and art, and played five instruments.  Juel is the ninth person from our left (including the inclusion of a very short person who is not very visible in the photo).   She is standing next to a lady leaning on the piano holding a brass instrument.

Dorothy on right, Mary interacting with guy, Juel on right (?)

Dorothy on 2nd from left, Mary just to right of her (?)

The Ingenues, an all-girl band and vaudeville act, serenade the cows in the University of Wisconsin, Madison's dairy barn in 1930. The show was apparently part of an experiment to see whether the soothing strains of music boosted the cows' milk production.
Angus B. McVicar/Wisconsin Historical Society

From Ginny Zender on 3/6/2018, regarding the picture above: Dorothy and My Mom serenading cows at the University of Wisconsin (Madison); part of a scientific experiment to determine whether cows at the University dairy farm (which is sill there) would product more milk due to the cow concert! lol.    Dorothy has her leg hiked up on some old wooden structure or another, and my mom's head is in the pic, but sadly her face is obscured.

With the Three Stooges

Juel Donahoe (trumpet player) with Ina Ray Hutton and her Melodears