Lambert Zender (1895-1919)


Bert Zender on his ”machine” was a postcard he mailed to his sister, Amy in St Louis May of 1914or1915 because Uncle Bob was born in StL in 1913 and Aunt Betty Kaeding born there Feb 1915.and Bert died 1919 so this is a gift... and a cast of unknown’s

Lambert Adam Zender was the first son born January 10, 1895. You can see on his Birth Certificate the error made listing him as                                 Lamberd Ad Zender. German language must have played a role in records by Mr Trausch. 

History Buffs:  The Village of West Ridge was incorporated in 1890-1893 when it was annexed to Chicago.                                                                                                  Lambert ‘s Dad,  Adam Zender signed off on all Village documents in that 3 yr span*.     * see comments below

 On birth certificate it says Adam (again language barrier ? listed Amre meaning American) born in Roger’s Park was true. His mother Lena Reinberg Zender was born in Rose Hill (Lakeville), just to the south of then Rogers Park, vicinity of today’s Rosehill Cemetery. 

WWI draft registration card 1917 – stated he was an auto mechanic at the time 


State of Illinois Honor Roll of the Military  -   He was listed in the index of this public site, Volume 1 pg 488 where it listed:                                name, date of birth, buried at St Henry’s and he was in 174th aero squadron.

From list of American Aero squadron’s Wikipedia  site:

174th Aero Squadron formed:   December 19, 1917         AEF: March 6, 1918 – April 1919

Trained as Observation Squadron in England, never entered combat  Demobilized: April 1919

Lambert came back to Chicago and 6 weeks later…….

Lambert drowned in Lake Zurich in 1919

Death record - NAME:   Lambert Zinder  BIRTH DATE:      abt 1895  BIRTH PLACE:  Chicago, Ill

DEATH DATE:     1 Jun 1919     DEATH PLACE: Lake Zurich, Lake, Illinois     BURIAL DATE:      5 Jun 1919

DEATH AGE:       24    OCCUPATION:          Chauffeur

RACE:    White   MARITAL STATUS:            S      GENDER:     Male

FATHER NAME: Adam Zinder  FATHER BIRTH PLACE:        Chicago

MOTHER NAME:               Helen Reinberg     MOTHER BIRTH PLACE:              Chicago              source

Lambert is interred next to his parents in the Reinberg Plot at St Henry's Cemetery

Another obituary
 (all the way at the bottom, highlighted in red)

What Liz Donahoe (wife of Bert Donahoe) found at the Fremont Library in Mundelein, IL
(his name was misspelled as John Vender, instead of Lambert Zender)