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Amy Windler's notes

Amy was just doing some Zender research, and looked up a few Donahoe things...
  1. Mary Foster showed up on the   Chicago 1880 Census.  Father William age 38 Mother Kate  36 Mary 9…. How firm are your born dates for William and  Catherine (?Kate)              And she was born in KY.   Mary’s siblings…anything jump out at you?  Anna..George..Addell..Charles..Nelly.. and Willie
  2. John Thomas Donahoe…siblings…dates of birth  from 1920 census…..Mary born 1892….Edward born 1894  bookkeeper at Jewelry co. living with  Joseph and Mary and  his son Edward Donahoe Jr. age 2 ½ so 1920 census places Jr.  b. 1917 … and John clerk at BOT             ….note Mary, Edward and Joseph were also on 1900 census.
  3.  Found an infant  Donahoe born Sept 1918 to Edward and Lucille (Baurr) Donahoe.Lucille died 2 days after birth. So it’s possible Ed had Ed Jr. and then  this happened… but don’t know why census showed divorced instead of widow??  The address given child:  1918 residence was 1436 Thome
  4. 1930 census Mary Foster Donahoe born in Kentucky widow 60 yr old. Children   Mary 38 single     Edward A. 36 divorced    Edward J. grandson 13   Joseph B. 35 divorced    Dorothy K. 25  single     Juel 17 single   all at Lakewood address. And both Ed and Joseph at the B of T.  

From: Amy W [] 
Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 3:53 PM
To: brian
Subject: St Henry's

Dear Brian, 

Ginny, Amy, and Helmut
Well my friend Sunday at St. Henry's was a very neat day. It was interesting and informative as far as the reason's why the Ridge was formed why people came here and stayed. I was able to get the Zender stories I had, included main one being the burial spot of the boat folks. I was asked by Glenna to include the Reinberg info I had, Muno and the connection to Cracker Jack boy. I connected him to the Muno's which married the Zender's and it went well. No earth shattering lineage information but it made this cemetery seem like home. 

Ginny was there, David Fortman , John Zender another gal holding Helmut Zender's lineage thing, (didn't really get a chance to talk to her), and this other gal I met from a year ago (e-mail only)...Deb Simon.  First Fortman was friendly, engaging and approachable. go figure....he did interject his knowledge about early settlers, and the why's about leaving mother country and why everyone named their first born with father's name and so on. The gal who ran it had the goal of covering 8 founding families a starting point and their effect on the neighbors of West Ridge.  From that stand point it was a huge success. 

Amy Windler
Ya know as some of these cemetery tours go it's mayor of this, and inventor of Pullman cars and this was focused on how these families helped each other give birth, murder Henry Muno, the chicago Fire after stories, and just kept it in the Ridge Pratt Devon neighborhood. And then it went into the gardening and flowers biz's and other industries of the late 1900's. The gal at the society didn't realize that the Lu Lux interview was Lu Zender Donahoe. When we got to Aunt Juel's grave I gave the Ingenue's story and we had surprised Ginny with an extra handout sheet I will attach it so you can see what I ripped off of your site and put together. When I completed it the gal Deb above I mentioned says to me..."Wait a minute Donahoe? godfather was Richard Donahoe. My Dad John McCartney was friends with him and Bert. They all hung around together and called themselves the rat pak.."  See it's all connected. 


So if anything comes from this I am hoping that Ginny, John Zender or even the society peeps want to have some sort of round table discussion about Zender and maybe a gathering at the Fortman house...we will see what transpires.  but that is the buzz in the e-mails since sunday.  

Ginny and I both used the phrase.... heart warming.... to describe the feeling we had afterwards.  
So I am pleased with how I represented the family and the gal running it wants to use me in her next one which will concentrate on 1900 to about 1920's..again we will see.  Yes I found a sequined top with a Rose on it to represent these famous flower growers. It's the Gloria in me...tell your Mom.

I will let you know if anything promising crops up on a meet n greet thing. other than that stay out of wakes and more time outdoors.


1/26/14 – ok more stuff-  I’m excited …On your Donahoe tree –Joseph P b. 1862- found   -

 First his parents –              Michael Donahoe was 1816 new> 1824-1908 and wife Ann Paul Donahoe  was 1816 NEW>  1829-1880 …Michael and Ann were married Oct 9, 1852 in Utica NY…Michael has 2 brothers … Dennis Donahoe 1814-1900  and John Donahoe 1836-1885. Three other ancestry members had the same info and I looked at the census data and it’s good. I will send what I have to date attac’d.

Then  his Siblings -       NY              your list- John 1854-1915 P. J. Donahaoe ?? Joseph P Donahoe 1862-1926, William –NEW 1864-1950 ??, Edward NEW 1867-1937??   

then Joseph P’s  3 oldest children  …the other 3..John T, Dorothy and Juel are correct

1st born Mary Donahoe –new is birth yr.>  b. 1892  2nd born is Edward A Donahoe new > b.1893-d. 1973 and then that makes 3rd born Joseph B his dates b. and d. correct….

Cook County record of Birth  for Edward A– even though it is misspelled

Edward A Donahue

Birth Date:

18 May 1893

Birth Place:

Chicago, Cook, Illinois







Father Name:

Joseph P Donahue

Father's Birth Place:

New York

Father's Age:


Mother Name:

Mary Ann Foster

Mother's Birth Place:

United States



1910 Edward census also verify’s the birth order and verifies Mary date of birth as 1892


Edward A Donahoe

Age in 1910:


Birth Year:

abt 1894



Home in 1910:

Chicago Ward 23, Cook, Illinois





Relation to Head of House:


Marital status:


Father's Name:

Joseph P Donahoe

Father's Birthplace:

New York

Mother's Name:

Mary M Donahoe

Mother's Birthplace:



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Household Members:


Edward A. Donahoe

Both war draft cards say May 18, 1893 – Edward’s middle name Aloysius  and on Edward’s  WWII draft card abt 1943 he was living at 4013 S Harlem in Berwyn(Stickney) with Myrtle (Paul’s  mother)  and listed his Employer as William Zender (Juel’s husband)  at   5326 Bowmanville Chgo . interesting

-------------- this info from Ancestry member >wahini1957 ----------<that info is to keep me  straight---------- so do not post this to your notes page…it is randomly collected and hence makes no sense to the common reader. Grab what you find interesting …

A)     Birth  Michael –

21 Apr 1824 in County Carlow, parish of Clonmore, Ireland < hope that helps


06 Apr 1908 in Litchfield, Herkimer, New York, United States of America

B)      Michael had 2 brothers Dennis Donahoe 1814-1900 wife Julia Comfort 1832-1884 and brother John Donahoe 1836-1885

Dennis Donahoe had 9 kids - # 7 was James Donahoe 1861-1951 90 yr old

A picture I found - Nellie Donahoe Casler, James ^ and Homer.  Since James b in NY , James  spouse Ruth Comes- and they had Nellie, Glenn and Homer the picture is father and 2 of his kids in 1915  in NY



C)      Exhibit b – Death record for Michael ….has to be it….in 1900 he lived NY

Name:  Michael Donahoe

Birth Date:          21 Apr 1824

Age at Death:    83

Death Date:        6 Apr 1908

Burial Place:        Clayville, Oneida County, New York, USA



1863 Civil War draft registration –   picture at’d


Michael Donahoe


Allegheny, New York



Congressional District:


Age on 1 July 1863:


Estimated Birth Year:

abt 1823



Place of birth:



1870 census-

1880 census- Michael Donahue   54  Ann Donahue            52  Litchfield NY -  his age 56 (close) her 51 and this is the yr she died.  2 children below listed on that census and Ann’s sister. So I know it’s them 

John Donahue   26    William Donahue     15   Bridget Paul                45   her sister 

where is Joseph? 18  and Ed 13?? Found Joseph in  1880 – Single 17 yr old farmer in Paris NY J.P. Donahoe 8 miles away…did not find Ed must be enumerator error   and Interesting find 1880 census as a neighbor to Michael and Ann a Dennis Donahue age 52 with wife Julia and 2 kids OK links to Dennis above………………..

1892 Michael Donahoe   Residence:         Litchfield, Herkimer, New York

Census Year:      1892    Birth Place:            Ireland

Age:       67   Estimated Birth Year:              abt 1825  Gender:            Male  Page:        12

1900 census  Michael, sister-in-law Bridget and next door -son Wm and his family -  shows yr of Immigr. maybe 1862 ? shows  yrs married 48 which would be 1852 and Bridget came about 1853 -  picture att’d

1900 Joseph census

Joseph Donahoe



Birth Date:

Aug 1861


New York

Home in 1900:

Chicago Ward 21, Cook, Illinois





Relation to Head of House:


Marital status:


Spouse's Name:

Mary Donahoe

Marriage Year:


Years Married:


Father's Birthplace:


Mother's Birthplace:



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Household Members:


Brian this is the copy of a note I sent to this guy and I will see if he gets back to me. He probably can’t do much more than what I provided here but it couldn’t hurt to ask.

Hello, I am Amy Windler a grand niece to Lucille Zender Donahoe. I am thrilled to find Michael and Ann Donahoe information because I am working with Brian Donahoe, Lu’s grandson. A couple of things 1st please go to my Windler /Zender family tree it’s public if you want Lucille’s siblings and parents. That’s if you need it. Second my 2nd cousin Brian would love to connect with you as he is compiling a non-ancestry tree on the Donahoe’s.  He is a little stumped on the ancestors prior to Michael b. 1824 and further back. He is doing his research through records. Please let me know if you would be interested.

Great work- thank you. Lucille’s oldest sister is my grandmother and I am positive about that information.

A pleasure to meet you

Amy                                         sent 1/30/2014    JLamberto 13 – Donahoe-Lamberto Family Tree   

From: Amy W []
Sent: Wednesday, January 28, 2015 11:24 PM
To: brian.donahoe
Subject: Edward A Donahoe

HI there  - I finally took the time to read Donahoe Ancestors and bible you added..fabulous. I see you did connect to Jaime Lamberto from ancestry, that's great. What a wealth of info. I see you are an official historian not just genealogy, I stand corrected.
 Since I never use gmail...bear with me. The only reason I am is I found Ed's obituary in the Tribune and it would not let me get it in picasa, only adobe pdf. Which meant I could not save it to picasa from origin. It is from ProQuest online from Niles Library. jpeg or pdf has me a bit confused. so as you can see I am just punching buttons til I get them all attached

I know the obit is attached already. If I cannot figure out how to attach my document and 4 other pictures...then I will follow this up from my aol account since I know how that works.

So here goes......and the document i att'd is all about Ed A Donahoe Sr I will respond to your other info from my aol. I think it best I work one subject matter at a time. 


Ciao Cuz  

From: Amy W []
Sent: Monday, February 02, 2015 3:50 PM
To: Brian Donahoe
Subject: Re: Edward A Donahoe


Dear Brian  ~~

After reviewing your Donahoe site 3 things jumped out at me. Mary M Donahoe on your tree, 1st born to Joseph P was born in Oct 27,1891 not 1899, next to her you have Julia?  Well that was from some Ancestry typo in the 1920 census, which referred to Juel as Julia so any ancestry search would pop that up. (unless you had some other source) you can remove Julia.

Under Adam Zender children,  Lu way down … 3 pics of Things found in Lu’s things….the 2 items “From Album of Genealogy 1895 is actually from a book published 1897. I had added it to our Early Zender Ancestors page on your site but here is the info again.

 Title of book “Album of Genealogy and Biography of Cook County Illinois 1897” She wrote, verbatim, what is found on page 521-522. This is her grandfather John Zender. So now you have the Source. In that book are many famous Chicagoans. Lu must have been so proud because she never met her grandparents. Also in that book were a dozen of Rogers Park people in St Henry’s cemetery. You can easily download the whole book, as I had. I went 1 step further I have a list of who we would know from the index.  I did check no Donahoe’s but Nick Karthauser is in there and in his 1897 bio says that his wife’s parents, John and Mary Zender came over on the same vessel and married shortly thereafter. 

You can go to it, google title in quotes above and choose the one that is url…you can open it and “in full screen view” using scroll bar on bottom to go direct to Zender page 521, Nic Karthauser page 518, other notables,  of course, Peter Reinberg pg 368, Peter Muno pg 614 and Fr Rutershoff pastor St Henry’s pg 511, and Index pg 702. I’ve read a whole bunch of them, found it so interesting. You may find names that I am not familiar with so check the index.

You have a picture of the Northbrook house of Lu’s? Where was that? Address? I would love to know.

 I see where you do have a small article about the specifics of Lambert’s tragic death. I forgot I have read that before. We just don’t know what paper.

Ok I’m just going out on a limb here (tree?  Pun just happened). Constantly in my Ancestry work I come across a tree “Donahoe Family tree” with all your clan in it. Owner is a female wahini1957..Is this Terry Donahoe’s wife?  I only know Mary Jo, John, Nancy and then Dan only from my brother, Bob’s stories.

Thanks ………….. Amy   


Attached: for Mary M … 1900 census and for Juel vs Julia…the 1920 census

and Mary’s death record, stating her date of  birth as does 1900 census.

 U.S. Social Security Death Index

NAME:  Mary Donahoe

SSN:       360-09-7177         <  don't print this either


BORN:   27 Oct 1891       <<<  Change under her pictures page also

DIED:     Nov 1965

STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED:           Illinois (Before 1951)

 I am still working on Zender tree, Aunt Lone Kane, (Seng, McKerr, Kane), Ed Zender, Lambert, and Rene Zender Schuh.

Brian Donahoe,
Jan 27, 2015, 8:15 AM
Brian Donahoe,
Jan 27, 2015, 8:15 AM
Brian Donahoe,
Jan 27, 2015, 8:15 AM
Brian Donahoe,
Jan 27, 2015, 8:39 AM