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Middle Age

Donahoe brothers at Jays wedding (1952?)
Left to right-> Pat, Marie (Dicks wife), Dick, Mary, Jay, ?, Bert, Bill

Bert and Liz at their wedding (1963) 

Jay and Mary (1963) 

Bill and Jane (1963) 

Dick and Marie (1963) 

Pat (1963) 

Donahoe brothers and Mom(1963) 
left to right: Pat, Dick, Bill, Lu, Bert, Jay 

Donahoe brothers, their wives and Mom (1963) 
left to right: Bill, Jane, Pat, Liz, Bert, Lu, Dick, Marie, Mary, Jay 

(left to right: Berts wife Liz, Dicks wife Marie, Pats wife Sherry, Bills wife Jane) 

Donahoe brothers and Mom 
left to right: Jay, Bert, Lu, Bill (sitting), Dick, Pat 

Bert and friend Rune 

Bert playing volleyball, 1964 


At the Chicago Board of Trade
left to right (and in age order) Jay, Bert, Dick, Pat, Bill 

Bert and cousin Gerry Clesen 

Newspaper article written about Bert 
The Mundelein Herald
Wed, August 3rd,  1977 

The 5 brothers, with their mother on her 70th birthday in 1971
Bill, Pat, Dick, Lou, Bert, and Jay


Bert At Terry's Wedding

Jay and Family