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Very Young

Jay Young 

Bert young 

Dick young 

Pat young 

Bill young 


Bert and Dick 

Bill and Bert 

Bert and Dad (John) 

left to right: Jay, Bert, and Mom (Lu) in Ed's car  

left to right: Mom (Lu), Jay, Bert, Dick 

Mom (Lu), Jay, Dad (John) 

Grandma (Mary Foster), Bert, and Jay 

left to right: Dick, Dad (John), Pat, and Lu 

dick, jay, and bert 

left to right: Bert and Jay 

left to right: Bert, Dad (John) and Jay 

Pat and Dad (John) 

left to right: Bert, Mom (Lu), Dick, Pat, Jay, Dad (John) 

left to right: Jay, Bert, Mom (Lu), Pat, Dick 

left to right: Jay, Dad (John), Bert