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Henry Muno

1886 The Murder of Henry Muno Jr.

Fall of 1886....Henry Muno (Jr), 39 years of age, was walking home to his wife and children that night when out of the darkness sprang his thief and murderer. Henry had $25.00 in his pocket and for this he was murdered.
Henry was going to his home on Touhy Ave. near Western. He was returning on foot from a visit to his mother-in-law, Mrs. John Zender, wife of another early Ridgeville settler. The murderer was never found but he was believed to be a hired hand of the neighbor who knew the money Henry was carrying. Henry's wife was left with seven sons and one daughter to care for. Her picture was carried in the local paper showing her with her children.
When this occurred, Mrs. Peter Muno, mother of the slain man, was living alone in the little farmhouse on "the Ridge". But she was by no means deserted by her three daughters, all of whom were married then living in homes in the vicinity. They came to visit her almost daily. One of them, Mrs. John Weber-occupied a house just north of the old Muno homestead. There, too, went her widowed daughter-in-law and her grandchildren.
After the death of Mrs. Muno in 1895 the farmhouse was vacant for a number of years. Then it was acquired by Joseph Winkin, who moved into it with his new bride.
The neighbors at that time were the Rogerses, Touhys, Zenders, Schmidts, Fortmanns, Marshalls, Kyles, Scchers, Phillips, and Schneiders.