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Johann Zender

left Germany without having the necessary consent from the authorities........... This fact makes it very difficult to trace this individual's movements......... Evanston, Illinois Census of 13 June 1860 shows "John (Johann) 'Senter'" (Zender) and his family. Listed after John are wife, Maria (Maria Anna Schmidt), children: Jacob, Anna Maria, Peter, John L., Lorenz and Maria........ John's birth year is noted as approximately 1813

The following is from an ancestry chart for John Zender (1813-1877)
as explored by John J. Zender (great grandson of John L. Zender) in 1987 

This is John L. Zenders death certificate (he was son of John Zender and brother to Adam Zender) 

This was from John Zender's (1813 -1877)   -   1860 Census  
Listed as Senter   (common entry errors for the time)

The following is from an ancestry chart for John Zender (1813-1877)
and his wife Anna Maria Schmidt (1817-1891) and their children (and grandchildren) 


This was in Lu Zender's things when she died. This is from the book 
"Album of Genealogy and Biography Cook County Illinois  1897 "
Her Grandfather, John is on pgs. 521-22, also features bio's on Peter Reinberg,
 Nicholas Karthauser,  Peter Muno and other prominent Chicagoan's at the time.