John Thomas Donahoe (1900-1958)

John's Sons

Modern Pictures

John very young

John when young


John in an advertisement

John playing golf



---------------------------- His wife Lu Zender -------------------------------------

Lu at First Communion

Lu in water

Lu with son Dick


Lu and second husband Al Lux

--------------------------- John and Lu ------------------------------------

Lu, husband John Donahoe and son Bert in 1945

John and Lu

John and Lu

Jays family: John and Lu with: John, Mary Jo, Terry, and Danny(?)

---------------------------- Miscellaneous --------------------------------

House in Northbrook

Mom Zender (Lu's mother Helen Reinberg)

Donahoe Coat of Arms

Dad Donahoe (Joseph Donahoe?)

Grandma (Mary Foster) in Skokie (also daughter Juel and grandaughter Patricia)