Anna Zender married Henry Muno but they had no children. The interesting and confusing part of her life was she was the third Anna Muno in Adam’s life, married to a Henry. The first was Adam’s sister, Anna Maria 1843-1900 married Henry Muno, she is pictured under ancestors the woman in mourning clothes with her children. And her oldest son Henry Muno married Anna Udelhofen making her Adam’s niece and nephew (Henry and Anna Muno) and here is Adam’s daughter married to Henry Muno the 3rd Henry and Anna Muno couple. All three couples are buried at St Henry’s. The Muno family were also early settlers to Ridgeville and very good friends with Adam and all the Zenders. There are dozens of other connections to this family who shared years of helping, raising family, tragedy and triumphs.

In her later years I remember going to visit her in a nursing home, with Gloria on Sheridan Rd around Touhy. It was always about family.

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Anna Muno (1887-1963), buried in St. Henry's cemetery

Her husband Henry J. Muno

A nephew of Henry was the boy who was the "model" for

the Cracker Jack box, article below.