Amy Zender Windler

Amy at about 9 or 10 years old....hole punch knocked out year 1895, best guess.

on her wedding day

Wedding to Robert Windler in 1911

Also pictured: Amy's parents Adam and Helen are behind the bride

Also Amy's siblings: Ann, Lu, and Ceal are up front

the reception of Amy and Robert’s 1911Wedding with Aunt Ceal at 14 yrs old,

tipping a wine glass and Uncle ED next to her.

Another picture shortly after the one above. Bill Zender, also a brother to Amy, is now seen.

Her new husband Robert Joseph Windler had come from St. Louis Mo, where he and his family were established florists. This helped him when he rented some of Adam Zender's home range greenhouses in 1916 as Adam freed himself of need for continuous attention. Windler Wholesale Florist is still in business in St Louis, however the Windler's sold out in 1990's. Approx. 1916 Adam and Helena Zender moved to the house at the corner of Ridge and Pratt 6757 N. Ridge, leaving Robert and Amy in 6638 .N Ridge the house that Adam's father John Zender built in the 1880's.

They had four children : Robert Adam Windler, Betty (Helen) Windler Kaeding, Rita Windler Smith, and Jack (John ) Henry Windler. Amy died when Jack was only 18 years old, His father Robert lived there until his death in 1960, having sold the house to Jack and Gloria and residing with them.

1952 Robert J

Pictured are Amy and Robert Joseph holding son Robert Adam Windler spring 1914

Robert Windler born in St Louis Mo Mar 3, 1884 to George H and Elizabeth (Berie) Windler. He had 4 brothers George, Albert, Joseph and Frank and a sister Rose. He was a 3rd generation florist. After his wedding to Amy he took his young bride to St Louis and their 1st 2 children were born there. Returning to Chicago in 1916, he worked with Adam until the greenhouse property was sold off for development of the area and went to work for Amlings as a manager until his retirement. He died in February 1960 and we moved from 6638 Ridge Ave. to Glenview 1 year later.

Bob and Nancy Windler

The Four Windler Children : Bob, Betty, Rita, Jack

Bob and Nancy : one son Dr. Douglas Windler

Bob Kaeding on left(?) and Dr. Douglas Windler on right(?)

Betty (nee Windler) and Howard Kaeding

The Three Kaeding Children : Robert, Howard and Christy

Betty Kaeding(?)

Howard Kaeding(?)

Betty Kaeding (nee Windler)

Pictured 3 Kaeding children 2 Windler children

Rita and Dick Smith

The Four Smith Children : Greg, Cynthia, Holly and Jackie

Jack and Gloria Windler

The Four Windler Children : David, Amy, Joan, Robert

Lt Jack Windler and his Dad 1944

Oct 1946 Robert J (bottom left), then Betty, Bob, bride Gloria, groom Jack,

Rita Smith in gray hat next to Dick Smith on other side, Nancy Windler (bottom right)

Dave Amy Joan

? and Jack


Ceal Zender (lt. green) on left, Al Lux, Lu Lux, Bill Zender (in red) and Juel Donahoe Zender - a wedding in 1976 - 3 Zender siblings

start left in tie, Howard Kaeding, Rita Windler Smith, in pink Gloria Windler Robert Windler, Jacquie Windler and brother Frank (from St Louis) Nancy Windler and Jack Windler in tux.

Amy and Robert's headstone at St Henry's Cemetery.

Jack is to the right of this headstone and Gloria is on the left. To keep a somber service on the "light" side....when they went to bury Jack the last , there was a 5" shortage of space for his vault and all 3 graves and the headstones had to be dug and moved over to squeeze Jack in next to his mother. Mind you there was a good 5-6 inches of snow at the time. We just said Thanks Dad for one last smile.....