Edward Zender (1898-1984)

He served in the Navy WWI from May 1918 to Sept 1921.

His nephew Jack, always referred to him as the “Sheister” in the group. I think because he was always playing the ponies and never meant it in a negative light, I took it to mean he just had a different crowd of friends.

The 1920 census Ed, was noted as a Collector for a general merchandise store, living with his parents. By the 1930 census he is married and living next door to his parents on Pratt and listed a florist in a greenhouse as his employment. Next door to him on Pratt are his sister Lone, with her 2nd husband Jim Kane and children Jim Seng, Jerry Kane and Joanne Kane. Ed married Grace Wood and 2 children followed Edward, (E.J.) 1935 and Barbara 1938. Grace Wood grew up just a couple miles from this spot, one of 6 children born to William G. b. 1866 and Anna Marie (Bruce) Wood b. 1868 who were both born in Massachusetts.

In 1940 Grace and Ed live 2 miles west of Ridge on Albany where they raised their children until the death of Ed’s mother in 1946. He was listed as a Book Maker: Horse broker, at the time. 1946 he moved into her house and still ran the gas station business. Remember that his nephew Jack married 1946 and other Zender’s are still across the street. Although by then the greenhouses are gone and the 2 picnic groves and Inn’s were sold to build The Ridge Inn (eventually Grassfield’s) and Algauers restaurants. I lived across the street from Ed a block south and remember the gas station from the late 1950’s, as a Sinclair station, and always seeing Uncle Ed. He was a gregarious, kind man with a fantastic sense of humor.


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He lived in the house until he tore down the gas station and eventually sold the house which became a fast food restaurant in a portion of the first floor. The Ridge Café. I last saw him at a party Gloria had in Glenview in approx. 1978 with all of Jack’s cousin’s, Aunts and Uncles. They moved to McHenry Il, where he lived until his death in 1984.

1984- US Dept of Veterans Affairs Death record - Edward Zender


BIRTH DATE: 20 Nov 1898

DEATH DATE: 6 Jul 1984



ENLISTMENT DATE 1: 23 May 1918

RELEASE DATE 1: 30 Sep 1921

Edward Zender 1898-1984 and wife Grace Wood Zender 1906-1995

source of this is unknown

Born Nov 20, 1898 in West Ridge he was a character. But like so many of his siblings, worked hard, stayed around the neighborhood, and helped his family. I believe this is Ed crouching. at his sister’s wedding in 1911, he was about 12 yrs old.

After his parents moved across Ridge (in 1916) to 6757 Ridge on the corner of Pratt to allow Amy and her husband to move into 6638, they acquired? (or built?) a gas station right next door with the rapid growth of automobile’s in the area. Adam’s greenhouses were on the east side of Ridge as depicted on the current walls of Rogers Park/ West Ridge Historical Society. So it offered Ed many opportunities for work. At that time they still had the huge Luxembourg parades and parties every year at Zender and Ebert picnic groves across the street every Labor Day. I try to picture the excitement and fun and work it took to put on that event. This was huge for the Luxembourg community. They had a program book and this is one of the ads found. (circa 1950’s)

who knew this gasoline co?

Ed in 1971(?) at Lu's 70th(?) birthday party