The Zender Crest

The Zender name developed in the 1500's as the use of Courts developed in Germany. The need for independent thinking on the part of jurors became a needed attribute to sit on a jury. Thus jury members, with professional standing, grew in importance and a jury person was called a "Zender".

John Zender (1813-1877) erected the "Oldest Saloon in Chicago"

Here is the story

Information from the Rogers Park Historical Society from a book entitled

An Illustrated History of Rogers Park and West Ridge with ISBN number

Muno House and story

1840's German Log Cabin

Johann Peter Schmitt, aka Schmidt aka Smith, Johann Zender, Rev. Henry Fortmann, and Peter Schmitt of Winnetkka (this is his house, he is the brother of Anna Maria Schmidt and brother-inlaw of John Zender) built these log cabins along "the Ridge" and north for their families between 1835 and 1845.

This log cabin was very common with the early Ridgeville residents on the sandy bluffs of Ridge Trail

Adam Zender's sister's wedding photo (1874)

According to Ginny Zender

"Adam Zender is the young man all the way on our left. The bride is his sister Maria." Maria would be 20, and Adam 18.

According to John Zender: "the groom is the skinny guy with the mustache John Keil, and the other husky guy in the middle,

is groom's brother Jacob Keil." Also: "the heavy guy Jacob Keil, (groom's brother) are listed as witnesses, not relatives to bride."

The associated wedding document

Also from Ginny: "The file name on the document mentions the name of the groom. But as stated, he's not a relative."

Adam Zender and wife Helen Reinberg

Wedding May 2, 1882

1940 Census

Among other things, it shows that my Juel Donahoe and Bill Zender and Dorothy Donahoe and her husband Joseph Clesen,

and Mary Donahoe AND Patricia) all lived together in the house on Bowmanville for a short time

Adam and Lena Zender home on the corner of Pratt and Ridge.Known to the family as "Ma's" house.

(Donahoe boys spent a lot of time here)

6757 N. Ridge Ave

Helena's brother Peter Reinberg started the Cook County Forest Preserve

Helena Reinberg (with her 4 sisters)

...or so we believe. Oldest sister Margaret Weiland, Mary Zender (Lawrence),

Katherine( Smith Peter III) so noted on right, Anna Berkel, Helena

Zender (adam) # 2 from left. Middle gal is also pictured in Amy's wedding photo.

So not all accounted for but a pretty good assumption. 2 are positive Id and one in wedding pic so that's a start.

Adam Zender's Aunt and Uncle Peter Smith Jr. and Elizabeth Phillips

(i.e. his Mothers brother )

Adam Zender's sister Anna and her family

Her husband Henry Muno was murdered, as reported in the

November 2 1886 New York Times and also in the Chicago papers.

This photo was taken shortly after that time, supposedly

Adam Zender's brother John L Zender

Adam Zender's daughter Amy (B. 1885) wedding to Robert Windler in 1911

Also pictured: Amy's parents Adam and Helen are behind the bride

Also Amy's siblings: Ann, Lu, and Ceal are up front, standing to the right of

Ceal and Lu is Lone (Helen)

Another picture shortly after the one above. Bill Zender, also a brother to Amy, is now seen.

Adam Zender's son Lambert

drowned in Lake Zurich in 1919

A few of Adam Zender's children when young:

Ed, Lu, and Bill

Adam Zender's wife Helen, holding her son Bill's child Gael, 1941

(note the picture of Adam on the table)

A few of Adam Zender's children: Top is: Bill, Lu, Ed. Bottom is: Lone, Ann, Ceal

A few of Adam Zender's children:

Top is: Bill and Ed. Bottom is: Ceal, Lu, Lone

This was at Lu's 70th (?) birthday party in 1971?

(Not in the picture is Lu's sister Amy and Anne, who had passed away previously)

Ceal and Lu

Adam Zender's daughter Ann

Adam Zender's daughter Ann

Adam Zender's daughter Rene

Adam Zender's daughter Lu (1st communion)

Lu in water

Lu with son Dick

Lu, husband John Donahoe and son Bert in 1945

Lu and husband John Donahoe

Lu and husband John Donahoe

Adam Zender's daughter Ceal

Adam Zender's daughter Ceal

Adam Zender's daughter Ceal

Adam Zender's daughter Ceal

Adam Zender's daughter Loanie

Adam Zender's daughter Loanie

Adam Zender's son Bill (and wife Juel Donahoe)

Adam Zender's son Bill (and wife Juel Donahoe)

Helen Reinberg

Peter Reinberg was Helen Reinberg's brother

He started the Cook County forest preserve and also has a school named after him

Adam Zender's greenhouses.

He was quite an established florist.

Adam Zender's greenhouses.

He was quite an established florist.

An odd find. From Ginny Zender:

"The woman is in no way connected to us. she happened to notice my name on Facebook and was going through her mom's mementos trying to find this item she remembered. she said her mom loved going there and besides plants would buy little glass animals.there's also a slight Donahoe coincidence. you might recall a picture of my mother's siblings standing on the steps of their pretty Rogers Park stone 2 story house. It's very near where this lady's mom lived. My mother loved that home and spoke of it often."

Various newspaper clips of various Zender woman

Adam Zender obituary

Adam Zender obituary

Adam Zender obituary

Jan 1, 1810 Marriage Certificate of Anna Maria Bruck and Johann Peter Schmidt(Sr)

Although the marriage took place in Maria's Village of Roderback, Germany this certificate resides in the Catholic Parish records of Zuesch, Germany.

It is written in Latin by the German Catholic priest performing the ceremony.

Johann Peter and Maria Bruck are the parents of Peter Schmidt(Jr)

They immigrated to America in late May, 1840

Their Passport, issued May 2, 1840 in Trier, Germany is written in Gothic German and was issued 30 years after their marriage.

1840, May 2nd Issued in Trier, Germany

Prussian German Passport (1)

1840, May 2nd Issued in Trier, Germany

Prussian German Passport (2)

1840, May 2nd Issued in Trier, Germany

Prussian German Passport (3)

Issued to:

Johann Peter Schmidt(Sr), age: 52

Maria Bruck (wife), age: 48 married 30 years

Peter, age: 15

Jacob, age: 15

Anna (Maria Anna), age: 21

b. 21 Nov 1819

during passage discovers she is pregnant, unmarried, and Johannn Zender, Father of future Baby Jacob Zender is in Germany. Johann at 26 cannot leave Germany since Prussian Military regulations do not allow men 17 to 26 to leave without paying a punative tax.

Four children are left in Damflos, Germany

Elizabeth Barbara age: 28 married?

Anna Maria, age: 23 married?

Johannes, age: 13 deceased

Johannes Peter, age: 3 deceased

Departure is from LeHavre, France in late May or early June 1840 aboard the US Clipper Ship "France", landing 27 July 1840 at Castle Garden, New York (southwestern tip of Manhatten)

John (Johann) Zender Monument, St Boniface Cemetery Chicago

1St. Boniface Catholic Cemetery, Chicago (Clark St. & Irving Park), Cook, Illinois, US

Notes: St Boniface Cemetery was opened in 1863 on Chicago's north side at Clark and Lawrence. It was dedicated to serve the German Catholic Community and named after the Saint who died in Germany in 754 A.D., after 36 years as a missionary.

Johann Peter Schmidt (Smith) Monument Plate, including his wife Anna Maria Bruck

St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery, Ridgeville, then Evanston, now Chicago, Cook, Illinois, US

Notes: St. Henry's Catholic Cemetery was opened in 1863 at the corner of Ridge & Devon Avenues. The picture shown is of the 1st St Henry Church [Formed 1851] adjacent the Cemetery. Its lands was contributed by German farmers and was the primary German burial ground of its time. It resides just to the west of today's German Gothic Catholic Church (number 3), whose lofty spire dominates the skyline for miles around Rogers Park. Burials previous to 1863 were in the City Cemetery at North Avenue. 147 years of citizens rest here.

at St Henry’s in a row

and this same row south of Smith Monument…inches apart

Henry Zender and Louisa….Henrietta and Wm Terwilliger…. Lorenz children: Henry and Henrietta

Johann Zender d.1877…no headstone Maria Anna Zender d. 1891 no headstone

Lorenz(Lawrence) Zender and Mary Reinberg Zender dark gray stone

Harry Zender and Marie flat hdstn… left of grandfather Lawrence

Lorenz on left.... blank is John and Maria Anna..... Lorenz' son Henry to right

Lorenz Zender

born 1852 d.1883 married to Mary Reinberg (Helena’s sister)

left of above is Harry Zender son of Henry above

Adam Zender and Helen Reinberg Zender

(in St. Henry's at the Reinberg Monument)