More Modern Pictures

See the 2001 Donahoe reunion. This was right after Bert died (but not because of).

Cousins: Parties in 2003 and 2019

pics from Pat's funeral in 2017

Pictures taken at Grandma's (Lu's) funeral, 9/18/2001

Jays family

left to right: Jay, MaryJo, Jim, Nancy, Terry, Danny, Danny's wife

Berts family

left to right: Bridget, Liz (Berts wife), Brian, Patrick

Dicks family

left to right: Richie, MaryJo (not Dick's), Mike

Dicks family

left to right: Kathy, Bill (not Dick's), Peggy

Pats family

left to right: Colleen's husband, Colleen, Greg, Pat, Ronna

Bills family

left to right: Jane, Bill, Bill Jr.

Pictures taken around 1989

Bert's family

Dick's family


Barbs family

Rich and his wife


Maureen's family


Julies's family


Mike's family


Kathy's family

Pats's family

Bill's family

Pat, Bill, Lu, and Bert

Other miscellaneous pictures (late 80's thru late 90's

Dick and Joanie, Liz and Bert

near the last times we saw Dick and Joanie, 1988 or so

Grandma (Lu), thanksgiving 1999 (4 generations,... with Her son Bert, his son Brian, and his son Danny)

Bert's Family (at Brian's, May, 1999)

left to right: Bert, Bridget, Katie, Liz, Patrick, Debbie, Brian, Danny (newborn)

At Richies (1994)

left to right: ?, Richie (Dick's son), Pat, Mike (Dick's son), Bert

Bert's and Dick's family, plus Grandma (Lu and Pat)

Bert, Pat, and Bill

1997 at Bert's son Brian's

Bill, Pat, Lu, and Bert

1997 at Bert's son Brian's

Lu (2nd from right) and nieces Patti, Joann, Janice, and Liz

Lu at Bert's