Barbara Plate notes

Donahoe Family

(as investigated by Barbara Plate; Tim Donahoe’s mother inlaw)

(Author's note: This is only a preliminary attempt to trace back the lineage of this family. Personal recollections and data should be supplied by the family.)


WILLIAM DONAHOE b. 20 NOV. 1935 at St. Francis Hospital, Evanston.)

JOHN T. DONAHOE b. 24 JULY 1900 -- d. 31 OCT. 1958)

John T. Donahoe, father of the above William Donahoe, was born July 24, 1900 to Joseph P. Donahoe and Mary Foster. In the 1920 census, we find John T. living with his brother, sisters, mother and father at 6334 Lakewood, Chicago. His older sister was Mary, age 28, who was a music teacher, Edward A., age 25, a bookkeeper at a jewelry store, John T. himself, age 19, a clerk at the Board of Trade, and three children who were at school, Dorothy, age 14, Juel., age 7, and Edward Jr., a grandson who was 2, and the only one born in Illinois. Not listed was Edward A.'s wife. The census listed that the father Joseph P. Donahoe had been born in New York, and his wife, Mary Foster was born in Kentucky. Joseph was a clerk in the Postal System and his wife did not work. Joseph also stated that his mother and father were both born in Ireland and the Mother tongue or language was Irish. Mary stated that her father was born in Ireland and spoke Irish, but her mother was born in Kentucky and spoke English. A Mary Shurer and William Foster were married 24 Jan. 1867 in Jefferson County, Ky. and in the 1870 census, also in Jefferson Co., William Foster was listed as well as his wife and daughter.

The three sisters, Mary, Juel, and Dorothy were Ingenues at the Orpheum Theatre in Chicago and traveled the world performing. Juel married William Zender in 1937, and John T. married Lucille zender 1923. Since the 1920 census didn't list a brother of John, one Joseph Donahoe, he probably was either married and had a home of his own, or could have died. Also gleaned from the record is that the father Joseph owned the home but is was mortgaged. His age was 57, and Mary was 51.

As stated above, John T. Donahoe married Lucille Zender 24 July 1923 at St. Henry's Church in Chicago by Father Covelidge (?) and their marriage was witnessed by Mr. and Mrs. (Peg) Clasgens. Lucille was the daughter of Adam and Helena Reinberg Zender. The Zender family is traced later.

JOSEPH P. DONAHOE b. 22 AUG. 1862 -- D. 30 MAY 1926)

In the 1910 census we find Joseph P. Donahoe living at 24 Belden Court in Chicago, his occupation as a clerk in a manufacturing plant. He stated that he was renting his home. He stated that he was born in New York, and both of his parents were born in Ireland. In the 1920 census, Joseph owned home at 6334 Lakewood with his wife Mary.

Two Chicago directories, 1905 and 1908, list Joseph P. Donahoe as a salesman living at 24 Belden Court. The 1905 directory also lists P.J. Donahoe, chief of the lith battalion fire department and living at 1019 W. 12th Street. I think this P.J. was Patrick Donahoe and brother of Joseph. In the 1900 census of Cook County we find Joseph P. Donahoe, born in New York, 1862, and wife Mary, born 1869, with children Mary, Edward, and Joseph.

We know from family Bible records that Joseph P. Donahoe was the son of Michael Donahoe. But after searching the New York census of 1880, we were not able to find any trace of the family in that state. Since he was born in New York in 1862, he should have been living with his parents in 1880, because he was only 18. Perhaps his father had died since he was born in 1816, by family records, and he and his mother were living with another family. I did check the census for Anne, Edward, William, Patrick, and John. The family could have moved to another state. More research needed.

MICHAEL DONAHOE b. 10 July 1816 --- )

Taken from family records Michael was born 10 July, 1816 in Clare County, Ireland and his wife Anne Paul also was born in Clare County, Ireland, 17 March 1816. Since it seems that they both were born in Clare County, but not proven, that perhaps they were married before they immigrated to this country.

Questions to be answered. We assume that Joseph P. was the last child of Anne Paul Donahoe because she would have been 43 when he was born. Also from the records he had four brothers Edward, William, P.J. (Patrick), and John who became a priest. There was a family reunion that brought the boys together for John's 25th(?) anniversary as a priest. Re-check the newspaper clipping. Also check the'1900 or 1910 census of New York for Edward or William Donahoe. Check again the ship passengers list to see if you can find either Donahoe or Paul. It is possible that they may have come to the States thru Canada. At least we know that Michael Donahoe was still living in 1862, since he was the father of Joseph. But where was he buried, his wife buried?

William in 1915 was living at Sauquoit, and Dr. P.J. (Patrick) in New Hartford, both towns in Oneida County, New York. But in an earlier Directory of Utica, 1913 we find Dr. Donahoe at 862 Genesee Street, but his name was spelled three different ways -- Donaho, Donohue, Donahoe, with the same address. He was listed also as a surgeon.