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Shares common ancestry with Michael Donahoe and Ann Paul. Is a descendant of his son William Justin Donahoe, Joseph Donahoe's brother. Some correspondences are below, showing her insights into various family members in her line and in parallel lines.And her more formal overall narrative can be found here, where she detailed early Donahoes, and also hers and other lines. The notes below may or may not all be correct, as she has made subsequent tweaks based on other data.


My father, Justin Donahoe (he's the third Justin in the family) is still alive and doing well. Him and my mom, JoAnn, just retired and moved to Lake Placid, Florida. My mom is from Florida so they were both eager to leave the snow. My father and his father, Justin (the second) ran a successful elevator company here is Sauquoit for over 40 years. I found information on Patrick Donahoe who I'm assuming is John and Lu's son--did he ever live in Albuquerque, New Mexico in 2007? My grandfather, Justin, received a letter from a Patrick Donahoe around that time, but since my grandmother, Jeanne, was dying the letter got lost and I don't think anyone wrote back to him. I just found his address the other day and wanted to write back.

I did notice that there were two Zenders that married the Donahoes--I assumed it was the same family. And yes, heart disease and strokes run in our side of the family too! I was thrilled when I saw there was a Lambert in the family, because I thought the same thing--so close to my new last name. It took me a bit to realize Bert stood for Lambert. Such a great first name!

I love learning about this side of the family! And, you've piqued my curiosity for the Zender side, especially the famous kin in Chicago. My brother in law's girlfriend is from a suburb of Chicago so I'll have to see if she's heard of the Zenders. I'll have to see which suburb she's from as well.

I'm at work on lunch, but when I get home, I'll get some pictures together to send you. One of the pictures I'll send is of Justin William Donahoe (my great great grandfather), Rev. John Francis Donahoe (great great granduncle), Edward James Donahoe (great great granduncle), and I believe Joseph (your grandfather--you'll have to tell if our guess to his identity is correct)--four of the five brothers--and Dr. John Francis Donahoe, William's son who also moved out to Chicago. I got the photo from another cousin whose grandmother was Mildred Julia Donahoe, who's father, Edward also moved to Chicago. Whew, now my head hurts!

Take care! I can't wait to share more stories and learn more about your side of the tree. Thank you so much for sending me all this. If Brian can give me access and you all don't mind me checking out the website, I would be over the moon excited and grateful to explore it! I will also give you all whatever I have on the Donahoe's over here.



Oh yes! For over 2 years, I've been working on the family's history. My grandfather started it and after he died in 2010, I became a little obsessed with it lol. I started because our family is small and I was afraid the Donahoe's would fade away without any children being born. However, once I found that the Donahoe side was so large, it may me interested in learning as much as I could.

My grandfather was an only child. His father, Justin William (there's that Justin again) died in April 1922, two months before my grandfather was born. He was raised by his mom and her family, the Quinns, in Clayville. His father's parents, William and Mary Ann (Gilloren) wanted nothing to do with him. It's a sad story. William died in 1950 and Mary Ann died in 1966 at the age of 95.

If you have the same photo that would be amazing! My grandfather had it in his genealogy collection with the names on the back, so I'm assuming they are correct. I don't know if Patrick Donahoe or Patricia Kern sent it to him. The only person in the photo with dark hair is William Justin, my great great grandfather. It's eerie, but my dad and brother look EXACTLY like him and we all have the same Donahoe eyes that William had. I think that Joseph and Edward were very handsome gentlemen. It's nice to come from good stock LOL!

The picture is in a frame that's difficult to open so I tried taking a picture of it as is; however, the light kept causing a glare to obscure the photo. I'll take a picture of it tomorrow when I can get natural sunlight. I also put together a family narrative of the Donahoe side that I need to clean up and send you. Obviously, it won't be 100% complete, but it has a lot of information on the Donahoe's of NY.

I also have a bunch of information on Edward Aloysius Donahoe (quite the middle name!), his marriages, and his son, Edward. My sources have him marrying three women, but that might not accurate especially after the information you have of only two marriages. Nancy Jane Easley, Lucille Bauer, and Myrtle Flood married Edward, Sr. My records cite Lucille as Edward, Jr.'s mother (speculation at this point), and that Lucille and Edward Sr. had another child who was born and died in 1919, but no name or gender is indicated. I believe I got that information from an obit.

In addition, Edward Jr. married Anne M. Billy in 1941 in Wilmette, IL. She died on October 31, 2000 at the age of 90. Like you said, Eddie died young in 1980 in Schaumburg, Cook, IL. According to their obits, Eddie and Anne had 5 kids (I don't have any birth dates): Jack, Jim (married Nancy), Joseph (married Regina), June (married Jerry Booz), and Lucille (married Mr. Jokiel). June had two kids: Dan and Jaime Booz. Lucille had three sons: Jason (married Susan), Jon (Married Theresa) and Jordan.

I hope I haven't overloaded you with information. I could go on and on about the family history. I've attached the photo I found on ancestry.com of your mom. Just a gorgeous photo!


YES!!! That's the photo I have too!! How wild is that?? Here's where some confusion comes into play. When I got the photo, there were names on the back, but I don't think they are all right. In a letter from Patricia Kern, PJ is mentioned as well. Now that you mention it, I think the photo was mislabeled on my end. Or it's based on the fact that there's a Joseph P. and a Patrick J. in the family. Oh Irish names :)

Which one is labeled PJ? If it's who I think it is, it would be the middle one in the first row. My research shows that Patrick Joseph Donahoe (1879-1943) was a doctor in New Hartford/Utica, NY. He married Mary Corbett in 1910. He had a practice just down the street from me in Utica where he lived and died. His home/practice is no longer there--it is a garage.

He had two children: Mary Elizabeth (1912-1953: died of cancer according to my grandfather's records) and John (about 1913-1963). In the same records, Justin Anthony said John suffered from mental illness and spent most of his adult life in the Utica Insane Asylum (later change to Utica State Hospital). I have no other information on him, but Mary was a teacher, Red Cross worker, and quite worldly. Mary and Dr. PJ Donahoe are buried in Utica. However, I can't find his wife or his son.

Dr. Patrick 's parents were John and Elizabeth Donahoe. John Donahoe was Michael and Dennis' brother--this is where the Donahoe in America starts. There is speculation that there is a fourth brother, but I have yet to find a name. Michael, Dennis (and his whole family), and John Donahoe are all buried in St. Mary's Cemetery in Clayville in or near the Donahoe plot. There are pictures on www.findagrave.com. Great site!

And to answer your other question about William--he's the first man on the left in the front row. He's my great great grandfather. He was born and raised in Litchfield, NY--15 minutes from Utica. He moved to Sauquoit starting before 1901 and remained his whole life. William Donahoe's family were farmers. They had a large farm that the Sauquoit Valley School Districts sit on now.


Definitely information overload--sorry about that. I definitely will send you the narrative. It's chock full of information.

Take care!!

On Sun, Jan 18, 2015 at 6:57 PM, Jaime Lamberto <jlamberto13@yahoo.com> wrote:

OH WOW!! I just got on and I have no idea where to start :) This is just fantastic work! I feel so honored to be allowed to view this information. I just told Ian how excited I am to be able to fill in a bunch of gaps.

I talked to my dad, Justin, this afternoon, and told him all about you and how you helped fix a big error on the photo. He is excited to hear the stories you have about your side of the Donahoe tree. We talked about Joseph, Edward, Thomas (another brother), and Dr. John Francis moving to Chicago, but we don't have any idea why. Nothing I have found in my research suggests why Chicago.

I really wish I knew, It's such a mystery. My guess is that once one went, the others felt they could go as well. But, why did one go instead of staying in New York? I am fairly certain that William Justin stayed, because his wife's family (Mary Ann Gilloren) lived in Sauquoit and my grandfather said she wanted to stay close to her family. Rev John Francis was established in the church in Albany so it didn't make sense for him to leave. The only daughter, Julia Ann Donahoe died when she was 23 years old. Not much is known about her.

I've attached a few photos of the beginnings of the Donahoe clan (Dennis, Michael, and John--rumors are there is a fourth brother, but I have no information on him). I also have attached photos of the graves of Julia Ann and Dr. Patrick Joseph Donahoe since we were just talking about him. I also attached a copy of the lengthy obituary for the Reverend. It's quite the read about him. Julia's information is on the side of the large obelisk, which also holds Michael and Ann Paul's information.

You can barely see it in the photo, but there is a stone with AUNT on it. We believe this to be Ann Paul's sister, Bridget Paul. She never married. She lived with her sister and Michael until Ann's death, then she moved with William Justin to Sauquoit until her death. Little is known about her either.

Oh! Before I forget. You mentioned that the photo of the brothers plus Dr. Patrick was taken during a celebration (or something like that) for the Reverend. In his obit, there is mention that Edward, Joseph, and William were with him until the end, and his cousin, Dr. Patrick Donahoe was his attending physician. I bet that photo was taken before the Rev. died in 1915, which explains all the people in the photo!

Take care, and I'm SO happy that we found each other! It's wonderful to know we have more family than once believed!



I wish I knew more about Thomas Donahoe. He's buried in Mt. Olivet Cemetery in Chicago with Edward and Letitia Donahoe, but that's all we know about him. I really want to know what drew them to Chicago!! :)

Michael Donahoe and Ann Paul were the parents of Joseph, Edward, William, Julia, Rev. John, and Thomas. Dr. Patrick Joseph and his sister, Mary, were the children of John and Elizabeth Donahoe (the other original brother). Dennis Donahoe fathered another family and his branch still lives on in Herkimer County, 30 minutes away from where I live.

If Brian has found Michael, Dennis, and John's parents I'll jump for joy! That information has never been found by us. It would make my year!

I don't blame you! Ancestor hunting can be a full time job--just wish I could find away for us to make a living off of it

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Subject: William Justin Donahoe

Good morning Brian,

I'm excited to be able to write to you! It's wonderful to find cousins from a family branch about which I know so little. I know that Ginny has been sending over to you bits and pieces from the William Donahoe line. I figured it might be easier to chat as well. I plan on sending over a bunch of photos along with a lengthy narrative I created for my parents a few Christmases ago. I just haven't had time to get them together in a cohesive fashion. Plus, the narrative needs to be cleaned up and added to.

But, to answer your question about William Justin Donahoe. He was my great great grandfather, and Joseph P. Donahoe's brother. They both shared parentage with Michael Donahoe and Ann Paul. William had five children: Dr. John Francis (Chicago surgeon who is buried in Mt. Olivet in Chicago), Dr. Walter Richard Donahoe (local veterinarian in Sauquoit, died of a heart attack in his early 30s), Justin William (my great grandfather who died in 1922 after being gassed in WWI), Paul Raphael (farmer, committed suicide), and Margaret Rosella (m. George Lemke--died in Vermont, buried in Clayville).

All but Dr. John Francis Donahoe are buried in or near the Donahoe plot in St. Mary's Cemetery, Clayville, NY. Margaret Lemke is buried in another section, but in the same cemetery. I have photos, but they are also on www.findagrave.com if you are interested.

Thank you for the access to your amazing website! I haven't gotten through it all, but it's so exciting to see the same passion in family history that I have. I hope to have the resources sent to you soon. I'm in the middle of preparing for a college class I teach, so it's been a little hectic.

Thank you!

Jaime (Donahoe) Lamberto

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Hi Brian

I love how organized you are! But then again, you have to be when putting together family histories :)

It took me a bit, but I cleaned up the Donahoe/Gilloren narrative. Obviously, since I have learned new information from the Joseph Donahoe line, my section on his family is incomplete and/or wrong. I will fix it when I get a chance so you can just ignore how incomplete that section is!

But, I think most of your question should be answered in the attached narrative. It's a bit lengthy, but there is all the Donahoe information I know and some of the Gilloren line as well. Mary Ann Gilloren is my great great grandmother.

I have also attached the portrait of four brothers and PJ. I added names to make it easier to identify and so that we all know we're on the same page. Here is how I came about the labeling:

1. Edward James is the great grandfather of another cousin, Patricia Kern Hartman who sent me several photos (which are in the narrative) of Edward. Her photos look exactly like the man I labeled Edward in the portrait.

2. Joseph P., your line, looks exactly like the photos you have of him on your website.

3. Rev. John Francis is an obvious one. He looks just like younger photos I have of him from Patricia Kern Hartman and from photos in his obituary. Plus, he's dressed like a Rev.

That leaves William and Dr. Patrick Joseph.

4. William Justin has the exact eyes of me, my brother Justin, and my dad. Plus, out of the two remaining men, he is the oldest looking and at this time, William Justin would be roughly 50 or 51 if I'm accounting for this photo being taken shortly before the Rev's death in 1915. Finally, that is the man Patricia Kern Hartman labeled as William when she gave my grandfather a copy in the 90s.

5. Dr. Patrick Joseph was the attending physician for the Rev and was with the brothers in Albany as John Francis lay dying. Logic states that this must be Dr. Patrick since he's the youngest one left, he is in the photo somewhere, and he would be roughly 36 at this time.

The reason there is no mention of other siblings in Rev John Francis' obituary is that Thomas Patrick (the other brother) died in 1903 and Julia Ann (the only sister) died in 1878. Their information is in the narrative. Michael and Ann were dead by now as well, so the only family he had left were his three brothers. And his cousin, PJ just happened to be a doctor in New Hartford/Utica, NY who was able to take care of him during his illness.

I've also attached the photos I forwarded to Ginny. I have much more, but I don't want to just send them over without explanation so that email will have to come at a later time. Since this was a narrative for my parents, I didn't include every resource. However, I have copies of everything to show where I came up with my facts. If you have questions about anything, please let me know and I can find it. I got a lot of newspaper articles from www.fultonhistory.com, which is a website for NY newspapers over the years.

I hope this helps! I can't wait for the rest of the family to see what you have done with your research. They will be thrilled.


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Hi Brian,

WOW!! You found Michael Donahoe's draft record? I never thought about Michael being involved in the Civil War. My great great great grandfather, Richard Gilloren (on Mary Gilloren's side) was in the Civil War, but beyond him, I never considered the Donahoe side. Great find!

I have wanted a copy of the photo with Nellie, James, and Homer for some time. I've seen it on Ancestry.com, but without a paying membership at this time, I don't have access to it. Wonderful photo! They are buried about 30 minute from Utica. I've visited their grave. We live so close, but have never met that side of the Donahoe family either.

Sorry for not filling those gaps earlier. I realized after I sent the Donahoe narrative that there were a bunch of spouses without information.

William Justin died on April 17, 1950 in his home in Sauquoit, NY. Helen Jeanne (up until her death, I didn't even know my grandmother's real first name was anything other than Jeanne. Even her gravestone says Jeanne) was born on April 9, 1926 and died on June 16, 2007 in her home in Sauquoit, NY.

Christine Quinn was born in November 1896 (we don't have a complete birth date) and died on October 14, 1941 in her home in Clayville, NY. Mary Ann "Mamie" Gilloren was born on September 25, 1871 in Norwich Corners, NY and died in December 1966 in Sauquoit, NY (probably her home since there are no hospitals in Sauquoit).

Michael Donahoe's grave isn't far from my house. I have to make a trip out there soon and when I do, I'll try to get to the grave. Right now, we have a bunch of snow so I'm not sure if I can get through the cemetery. The Old Donahoe plot is located in the St. Mary's Cemetery in Clavyille, NY--about 15 minutes south of Utica. The plot is under a large tree in the old section of the cemetery. The plot is cramped at this point since the following people are buried in it:

1. Michael & Ann Donahoe

2. Julia Donahoe

3. Walter Richard Donahoe

4. William Justin and Mary Ann Donahoe

5. Justin William and Christine Donahoe

6. Possibly Bridget Paul (this can't be confirmed, but based on obituary information and the fact that there is an unnamed gravestone with only AUNT engraved on it, we are assuming this is Bridget, Ann's sister)

I have a BUNCH of grave photos coming your way. I'm going to send them in a separate email. I hope they can all be attached. I don't have a lot of photos of old relatives. I think I've pretty much have given them all to you. Since our branch of the William Justin Donahoes weren't all that welcome, my grandfather didn't get much.

Take care! Thank you for all you do! This site is wonderful.


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Subject: Photos--Donahoe Ancestors

Hi Brian (again),

Here are some photos I have. Some were taken by me and others were saved from Find A Grave memorials. I apologize if I've duplicated photos. I've lost track of what I've sent you. All Donahoes have been outlined in the narrative. Please let me know if my descriptions aren't helpful.

1. Edward Aloysius Donahoe, Jr. (Find a Grave)

2. AUNT & wide shot of Michael Donahoe plot--we're pretty sure this is Bridget Paul, but can't be for sure without more information

3. Chester H. Donahoe--Dennis Donahoe branch

4. Christine Quinn Donahoe

5. Gordon & Nancy Hansel Donahoe--Dennis Donahoe branch

6. Elizabeth Lison Donahoe (Morris)--Dennis' daughter

7. Ellen Donahoe--Dennis' daughter, we think this is the child who was burned to death

8. Photo of Glenn R. Donahoe--Dennis Donahoe branch (Homer Donahoe's son, James Donahoe's grandson, Dennis' great grandson)

9. Glenn Donahoe grave (Homer's brother, James' son, Dennis' grandson)

10. Glenn R. Donahoe grave

This is as much as Yahoo allows me to attach. I'll send another email shortly.

Thanks! Jaime

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Subject: More Photos--Donahoe Here are more photos I couldn't add to the other email.

1. Justin William Donahoe

2. Homer Donahoe--James's son and Dennis' grandson

3. Irving F. & Hattie Hull Donahoe--John Donahoe's son, Dennis' grandson

4. Jacqueline Donahoe and Earl Henry Jacobs--Irving' F. Donahoe's daughter

5. Justin Anthony & Jeanne Wenz Donahoe

6. Justin Anthony Donahoe's senior picture

Okay, one more email coming your way after this. Man, you just can't get a lot of photos attached can you? Also, oops. Sorry about missing that question. My dad's name is Justin Wenz Donahoe. He was given my grandmother's maiden name as his middle name.

Thanks! Jaime

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Whew! I think should be the last one :)

1. Peter Donahoe--believed to be Dennis Donahoe's son (died as a child?)

2. William Donahoe--believed to be Dennis Donahoe's son (died as a child?)

3. Justin William Donahoe

4. Leon Donahoe--James Donahoe 's son, Dennis Donahoe's grandson

Have a great night!


William Justin Donahoe Family Narrative