Patricia Hartman

Michael Donahoe (1824 - 1908)

2nd great-grandfather

Edward J Donahoe (1867 - 1937)

son of Michael Donahoe

Mildred Julia Donahoe (1903 - 1965)

daughter of Edward J Donahoe

John Francis Kern (1929 - )

son of Mildred Julia Donahoe

Patricia Mary Kern

Is the daughter of John Francis Kern

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Tree section for Mildred Donahoe is OK. Rosemary Kavanagh Kern died in 2015. Mary Letitia Kern Manning is also dead.

Good question:

The Illinois vital statistics say 12/28/1867. The Donahoe Bible says 12/28/1859.

The sexton’s notes at Mt Olivet say he was buried 2/9/1937 and he was 69. That calculates out about 1868.

Do you have the baptismal records for the children of Michael Donahoe? That may be the closest record.


Patricia Hartman

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i.e. is the right side of the enclosed (i.e. your lineage) correct?

Let me know any other details, and I will add them…

By the way, I had a precise exact birth date on Edward James Donahoe (12/28/1859), which conflicted with your less precise date you mentioned in a previous email (1867). I don’t know right now where I got mine (without digging deeper), but I am curious how confident you are about yours.



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We don't have much on Michael Donahoe. Edward James died in 1937 and that apparently cut off most communication with the family in New York. He and Joseph are buried in the same plot in Chicago as you may know. I think William, who died in 1903 is also with them. My father, John Frances Kern, says that the boom in Chicago after the World Exposition in 1893 attracted many people from across the country. This also would be no surprise to you. Edward made his living as an insurance agent. The family had a pleasant two-flat in the Edgewater district of Chicago. As you know, Edward and Letitia had three daughters. All three were far more highly educated that

N the average females of the period. All finished high school. I know that my grandmother, Mildred Julia Donahoe had two years of business college and worked in a business setting until she married Burrell George Kern. He was a banker (LaSalle Bank). Mildred and Burr had three children, my dad,

John Francis, Thomas Michael and the late Mary Letitia.

Each of them had fairly large families.

John married the late Rosemary Kavanagh.

1. Patricia Mary Kern married David Lee Hartman

One child, Ruth Anne Hartman

2. Kathleen Mary Kern married Patrick J MacVeigh

Two kids, Aurora Rose Kern MacVeigh and Maxwell Gibbs Kern MacVeigh

3. Margaret Mary Kern married Michael R Merholz

They don't have any kids together. Mike has a son (Steven) by his first wife

4. Edward Joseph Kern married Elizabeth Marie Temrowski

They don't have any kids

5. John Scally Kern. Never married. no kids.

I had the rare good luck to have the late Paul Donahoe cold call me looking for my late grandmother. Paul put me in touch with The late Justin Donahoe in Saquoit. I had some correspondence with Justin before he and his wife passed away.

On the topic of Clonmel, it is a market town in County Carlow. His emigration date of 1852 puts him square in the middle of the potato famine. I have visited Clonmel on one of my trips to Ireland. There is not much to it. Donahoe/Donahue/Donaghue are all pretty common names.

I am not normally up in the middle of the night, but am on vacation, so don't have to get up early.

More later.


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