2001 Donahoe reunion

In August of 2001, there was a Donahoe family reunion at Jim Donahoe's house on the river in Algonquin. This was a month after my Dad died (he was on the party planning committee, and would have rather enjoyed the party).

I don't have pictures of this event. If you do, please send them ( Contact me )

Address list from this event.

The Donahoe Family!

Hi All!

Wow, can you believe it? It has already been four months since the family reunion took place this summer! Time sure goes by quickly these days. Anyway, procrastination has always been a true Donahoe family trait (at least on our side of the family) and we didn’t feel the need to try to change that now. So now months later we felt the time was suitable to finally pass along all of the memories and information gotten from the party! Before doing that however, we first would like to take a minute to express our sincere heartfelt gratitude to several people without whose help the reunion would not have been so successful.

The Reunion Committee: The reunion committee originated in late winter/early spring of 2001. It consisted of the following: Bert Donahoe, Pat Donahoe, June & Jerry Booz, Jim & Nancy Donahoe, Jack Donahoe, Joe & Regina (aka Jay & Reg). Several meetings took place to begin forming the ideas and plans for the reunion. Due to some unforeseen circumstances the reunion was postponed until the following year. Unfortunately, Bert Donahoe passed away before the committee could follow through on its endeavors. Thanks to those involved in creating the main ideas for our special day.

Regina Donahoe: Regina is the proud owner of a catering company known as “Bounty Faire Catering.” She planned, organized, and cooked, etc… all food that was provided that day (other than the dishes brought to pass). She worked endlessly for many days prior, and she and her crew worked tirelessly at the reunion and for that we would like to say a special Thank You!

Kelly Donahoe: Kelly was determined not to let another year pass without everyone getting together (remember the procrastination issue?)! She took the bull by the horns and began arranging the event from organizing and mailing invitations to searching endlessly for several not originally able to be found. She was able to keep mom and dad organized (and sane) right up until the day of the party. Thanks for the support!

Bonnie Daebel: Bonnie’s “Executive Assistant” skills came in handy when it came to organizing letters, invitations, ideas, etc… We would like to thank her for her efforts and help!

Theresa Jokiel: Theresa’s creativity and experience as a teacher was put to great use during her stay in the Chicago area. Theresa’s ideas gave us guidance and direction on the day of the party as well as the below list of memories to share. Many thanks to Theresa!

Jon, Jordan, & Jason Jokiel and Mike Donahoe: Although all 3 of the Jokiel men live thousands of miles away, they spent the better part of their reunion weekend with Mike Donahoe setting up, tearing down, and cleaning up before and after the event! What a thrilling way to spend a vacation, huh? Not only was it spent in Algonquin, IL, but we put them to work too! Mike just expected to have to work! Some duties as a son never change. Thanks guys for all of your help!

The Booz Family: Last, but certainly not least, we would like to thank the Booz family for their contribution of the large family tree that hung proudly for all to see at the reunion. Their hours of work and research made a nice addition to the day!

It is rather amazing to think that although there were approximately 80 or more people that came to the party, we were only a portion of the Donahoe family. There was a significant portion of Donahoe’s that were unable to make it. Even though he was part of the original reunion committee, Pat Donahoe and most of his children and grandchildren were unable to be there due to a previously scheduled event. We also spent quite some time searching for another family member – Ed Donahoe’s brother Paul and his family. When we were finally able to locate them, we were sad to find out that Paul had passed away a short while ago, however, we were grateful to finally learn some information and the whereabouts of his children and grandchildren. As they all live out of state and the search did not find them until shortly before the reunion, they were all unable to make it as well. All of these people mentioned that were unable to make it have expressed definite interest in attending future reunions.

We had a wonderful time at the reunion this summer! Those of you unable to attend were sorely missed. It was amazing to see many of you again after all of these years, and even better getting to know some that we were meeting for the first time, and we hope the feeling is mutual. Thank you to everyone for coming and contributing your dishes to pass and your memories. Whether you traveled short distances or across the country and over the ocean to come, your presence meant a lot to us and a good time was had by all!

In follow-up, below are some of the comments everyone contributed on the 3x5 cards with memories, personality traits, and admiration’s of the Donahoe family. Also, we have included all the updated addresses for everyone that was able to make it, as well as those unable to attend so that you can keep in touch.

Have a safe and happy rest of the year and we hope to see you at the next Donahoe Family Reunion! (Without mentioning names, one particular part of the Donahoe family offered to host the next one. Look forward to seeing another part of Illinois next time around! You know who you are, a Donahoe never forgetsJ)

Jim & Nan


Memories/Personality Traits/Admirations

Tara Gille - We were up at the Donahoe’s resort in Minocqua

and while we were there, we had a bad tornado.

The next day was spent cleaning up the resort,

but it was still fun!

Sue May Gille - Donahoe trait - missing tooth

Brian Donahoe - Donahoe traits - stubborn, sarcastic and creative.

Donahoe’s missing eye teeth? Dick Donahoe has

gap in front between eye tooth - shifted over.

Jonathan missing tooth. Dorothy and Sue missing

eye teeth. Jim Donahoe has extra!

B.M. Zender - Mike Zender’s mother, Juel was extremely kind and


Ginny Zender - First women reporter in White Sox locker room

and has sky dived.

V. Zender - Donahoe’s seem to be a very sensitive group - emotions

on the surface. Also, if the truth be told, quick to anger,

impulsive and plenty “life of the party” types, if you get

my drift.

Jenny May - (Dorothy Donahoe’s granddaughter). My Donahoe

trait is very special and can be seen on my right foot -

The two toes next to my big toe are webbed. Pat Donahoe

and little Conner Donahoe both share this trait.

Sharon May Latek - Surprising fact I’ve learned - my daughter’s BLOND hair

can now be attributed to my family and “Dori” is named

after my Grandma’s favorite Donahoe memory, Minocqua.

Most admired Donahoe - my Mom, Pat Donahoe Clesen

May. She raised five daughters, never impatient with them

and a great Mom.

Honorary Donahoe - Even though he’s not here, Uncle

Bill Donahoe, who always makes us smile!.

More Comments.....

Jim Donahoe - My fondest memories of the Donahoe clan were three-fold

(amongst others)

One: The loud card games (bridge) at my parents house

with Uncle Jay and Mary, my Dad (Ed) and his Dad Ed,

with Myrt. I vividly remember the shouting (about bad

playing) and screaming – I thought for sure these bridge

matches would end up in a divorce.

Two: The great ping-pong matches at Uncle John’s house

in Northbrook with my Dad and all the boys (Bert, Dick,

Pat, Billie & Jay). My Dad would bring me with to watch –

these guys were very serious about the matches and even

had trophy’s as part of the prizes. This also included a

tremendous amount of shouting and arguing. I guess this

is how I learned this must be the Donahoe way (shouting

and arguing). I also learned the game of ping-pong very

well as all the boys would play and teach me between

matches – boy, what fun.

Three: The backyard picnics at my parent’s house with the

football and baseball games – along with, of course,

shouting and arguing.

Jerry Clesen - Donahoe traits - intelligence, sense of humor, persistence,

unlimited potential, have long memories, relentless, quite


Patrick Donahoe - When I was about 7 or 8, my Father (Bert Donahoe)

convinced me to sleep with a yardstick so I knew how

long I would sleep. I never have been as confused as the

morning I woke up next to a yardstick trying to figure

out how long I slept. To this day, a yardstick hangs on

my wall.

Donahoe traits - everything is “black and white”, temper,

laughter, loyalty and honor.

Jordan Jokiel - Darkest guy in the family. Claim to fame: The first and

only “Kalalau Ambassador.”

More Comments…

Jack Donahoe - I nominate my “soulmate” Mary Carney, who came

through many similar situations in life as I have. Her

family is a big Irish Catholic clan that I have been made

a part of. Mary could be a Donahoe now and soon she

will be. She is good to me and I’m lucky to have found


I remember my Dad, with all his faults, how truly

supportive of me when I was in Vietnam. I knew how

much he loved me and all of us, but did not know how to

express it.

I admire both my daughters Amy and Robyn. Even

through a difficult childhood, they are both terrific human

beings who are a credit to mankind. I’m proud of them

for the people they are - they have love, respect and

honesty. I could not ask for more of them.

I remember my sister Lucielle’s wedding day on a gorgeous

summer day and all the family was over at the house in

Palatine for the reception.

Jack Donahoe’s - He is a true good man. Jack loves his daughters deeply

Daughter and is there for them. Through all he deals with in life,

he is kind and always has a smile.

Kelly Donahoe - Several years ago (probably about 8 years or so)

I was working for a company in Woodstock, IL. It was

my first job out of college and it was just a few days before

Christmas. I was just about ending my work day when the

sister of someone I worked with walked in to pick up her

brother. I introduced myself and she said her name was

Del. After talking for a minute she stated that Donahoe

was not the most common name and that her fiance’s last

name was Donahoe. She said his name was Richard and

asked if I knew him or was related. I thought for a second,

then said “No, I don’t know him. If I was related to him

I’m sure I would know.” Over the Christmas Holiday I

relayed this story to my father expecting him to laugh, but

instead he said right away that we were related. He said

Richard was his cousin (second cousin actually) and he

hadn’t seen him in years! The next work-related picnic we

had, Richard and Del (now married) came and my mom,

dad, and grandma came and everyone got reacquainted. It

Comments Continued…

was a mini-reunion born out of sheer coincidence. Now I

feel like I’ve known them forever! Funny how life works!

Lucy Jokiel - One of my memories: I remember when I was working as

a nurse and able to get a discount on blood pressure

medications for Dad. I would bring them to him and we

would inevitably get into an argument about civil rights

or politics. In the middle of the conversation, I noticed his

face was red and he was shouting. I immediately gave him

TWO of his blood pressure pills! I later realized I should

have given him the pills BEFORE our heated


Misc. Comments.....Authors Unknown

* Minoqua family retreat - favorite Donahoe memory with the family. Honeymoon

spot of Juel and Bill Donahoe. Even Bill Donahoe owns property there.

* Memories of taking vacations together in Grays Lake, Wisconsin

* Most admired - Dorothy Donahoe Clesen - very talented and missed very much!

* Memory of Juel Donahoe - Every winter on Bowmanville - the window panes

would freeze solid and she would write “Jack Frost was here”.

* Eddie Donahoe’s uncle - Joseph Donahoe, one of three brothers, John and

Edward. Edward is Eddie’s father. Joseph survived WWII, very handsome,

Irish Catholic. He was walking down street near home in Chicago and a brick

from building hit him on the head. He had bad brain damage and was in

continuous care. One day, he got out, knocked on sister’s door (Juel and

Dorothy). When they saw it was him, they called the home and would not let

him. People of that time were so ashamed of mental illness. Ed Donahoe was

brother of Joe - Joseph had 6 kids - Joe, John, Edward, Juel Dorothy and Mary.

* Donahoe trait - A party turns into a fight, because we are always right. Fond

memories are the times spent with sister Barb, Aunt Jane, Uncle Bert and of

course, Grandma. Also liked lunch at Dorothy May’s with Dorothy and Joe.

Enjoyed riding in one of Uncle Joe’s limo cars.

* The web toe thing. One day we all got together for a family reunion on 6/22/02.

Glad we all stayed together. Grandma Lu (she was amazing).

* Lots of Donahoe creativity. Artistic for at least three generations and very

musical. Three sisters were in one or two all-girl orchestras, ranging from

Vaudeville to the Ingenues, to the Melodears with Ina Ray Hutton as the

bandleader for Juel Donahoe (Ina Ray was very famous). The Ingenues with

Dorothy, Juel and Mary once backed up the Three Stooges. Each sister played

at least three instruments. Look on the internet for Ina Ray Hutton and

Melodears band leader, Cat Calloway (band leader).

* Donahoe trait - Health Issues - gallbladder disease, bad stomachs, high blood

pressure, 2nd toe often much longer than first.

* Flew into the radiator from jumping from twin bed to twin bed. Gael broke

collar bone. She couldn’t go in the water for 1 year. Gael became a traveler.

Paul and Tim are her sons. Paul came all the way from Texas to join the 2002

family reunion. Gael is an artist, has traveled to see things she hasn’t seen

before - Turkey, Japan, Moscow.