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Thu 10/20/2011 10:11 PM

Lorenz Zender born 1852 d.1883 married to Mary Reinberg (Helena’s sister)

Now their 2 children I have dates for b. and d. Henry b 1874 d 1929 (stone next to father and mother )

and Henrietta Zender married(1899) Wm. Terwilliger she was born 1877 died 1957

So at St Henry’s in a row : and this row is south of Smith Monument…inches apart

Harry Zender and Marie flat hdstn…Lorenz Zender Mary Reinberg Zender tall stone …blank spot ….blank spot……Henry Zender and Louisa….Henrietta and Wm Terwilliger…..The Peter Smith monument.

And from the cemetery Kiosk Johann Zender and Anna Maria Schmidt who came on boat are in the 2 blank spots with no headstone.

And the Harry Zender headstone photo? who I did not know his relation, now looks to be Henry and Louisa’s son and Lawrence grandson, Adam’s nephew… attached.

NEW::: I found the death notice in the Tribune for Rene Schuh she died Dec 1919, so you can add that. So in that one year Adam and Helena lost 2 children Lambert in June and Rene in Dec. and their other daughter, Amy had my Dad in October 1919.

oK back to your wonderful masterpiece: Saw your additions…….Great Job!!

1.. Saw the Henry Muno murder article. I corrected your cut n paste from Fortman write-up… to ..1886. the correct year.

2...The handwritten Lu note is verbatim what is written in Zender article? Book? Right above it with the black stripe. So Lu must have read it and made note for generations to come.

3. Anna Maria Schmidt Maria Anna who came on the boat with her sweetheart Johann Senter our very own John Zender buried with no headstone at St Henry’s ?… I get it . I’ve seen all the documents , passports, census, fortman notes, it seems that it really was Maria Anna who came but I say let it gooooo. If someone put a gun to my head I would say Maria. But even John Zender’s notes show anna maria so just forget about it But I had to mention it because it kept coming up in the work. And now I’m shutting that door. Po-Ta-To PoTah-to

4.The Rueckheim boy was the son of Edwin Rueckheim and Clara Muno Rueckheim. so the info in that St Henry's write up is correct.

Thu 10/13/2011 3:53 PM

Peter Reinberg's 5 sisters...or so we believe. Oldest sister Margaret Weiland, Mary Zender (Lawrence), Katherine( Smith Peter III) so noted on right, Anna Berkel, Helena Zender (adam) # 2 from left. Middle gal is also pictured in Amy's wedding photo. So not all accounted for but a pretty good assumption. 2 are positive Id and one in wedding pic so that's a start.You interested in the log cabin that Peter Schmidt/smith built in 1840's? It is located in Winnetka

Sat 9/17/2011 4:46 PM

1) Katherina Anna Beck Reinberg. Proof and buried St. Henry’s. Helena Zender's mother

don’t know who Mary Beck is. Possibly katharina Anna’s mother but that’s for someone else to figure out

2) To the right of Helena Reinberg add her 4 other siblings (forget birth order for now) ……

……. Margaret b. 1850 d. 1925……………………..Mary b. 1851 d. 1922………………

……Katherine b. 1853 d. 1931……………………..Anna b. 1856 d. 1922


Lorenz Zender born 1852 d.1883………..Adam’s brother is married to Mary Reinberg (Helena’s sister) added above

3) Now their 2 children I have dates for b. and d. Henry b 1874 d 1929 (stone next to father and mother ) Henrietta b. abt 1875 or 1876

The only reason I looked this far was Fortman’s site shows Johann Zender stone at St. Boniface as the Johann who came over on the boat and married to Anna Maria Schmidt/Smith but I have proof with cemetery records that our Johann and Anna are buried at St. Henry’s (which is important to me). But they do not have a headstone… they are buried between Lorenz(Lawrence)Zender and Henry Zender headstone’s. I will show you pictures if it’s interesting.

The Johann Zender Stone at St. Boniface is cool, he probably showed it more for marketing or because that’s all he could find. I suspect he’s getting as much documentation as he can because his house is filed with library of Congress and historical and all that bs, besides who’s gonna check? Ha ME…because the St Boniface stone clearly states that his wife is …are you sitting down…..Kunigunda. Whew glad I didn’t get that name. So this Johann at St. Boniface most likely did come over on a boat but it is not our Johan and Anna..being Adam’s parents. And I got all this spunk from Jack God bless him….

Thu 9/15/2011 2:25 PM

I was trying to find more info on Lu's brother Lambert ..googled Lambert WW1

..a Josef Zender and in this area?'s his parents names here that implode the mind. I can't make it fit. He is definitely Lu's cousin....but.... Zender, Josef found on obit central .com 9/15/11 b. 7-05-1897 d. 1-08-1999 (date of birth determined from this info) cut n paste below

Funeral Mass for centenarian Josef Zender, of Litchfield, will be said at 11 a.m. tuesday in the chapel at St. Francis Hospital, where he had been a resident for the past several years. The Rev. Father Ted Schelich will officiate. Burial will be in St. Mary's Cemetery in Evergreen Park. Plummer Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements. No visitation is planned. Mr. Zender died at 4:10 p.m. Friday, January 8, 1999, in St. Francis Hospital. He was 101 years old on July 5. He was born in Duisburg, Germany, a son of Peter and Maria Schmitt Zender. A veteran of World War I, he served in the German Army, was wounded and taken prisoner by the English in France. He came to the United States in 1925 and became a citizen in 1930. Working his way through night school, he became a drafting and design engineer for the Inland Steel Company in Chicago. He worked for the company for many years until his retirement. He came to Litchfield in September 1990. Survivors include a niece, Sister Hugh Holtmann, O.S.F., of Belleville, formerly of Litchfield and formerly administrator of St. Francis Hospital. Other nieces and nephews surviving in Germany and the United States. Preceding him in death were brothers, Johann, Mathias, Peter, Jakob, Karl and Heinrich Zender and a sister, Gertrude Holtmann. Funeral Mass for Josef Zender, of Litchfield, formerly of Chicago, was held at 11 a.m. Tuesday in the chapel at St. Francis Hospital. The Rev. Father Ted Schelich and the Rev. Father John Sheahan officiated. Sister Leola Brown was the lector. Eucharistic minister was Sister Mary Flynn. Organist was Sister Barbara Mary Lanham. Musical selections for the Mass were "Alleluia! Alleluia!," "Soul of My Savior," and "May Saints and Angels Lead You On." Burial was in St. Mary's Cemetery in Evergreen Park. Plummer Funeral Home was in charge of arrangements. Mr. Zender, 101, died Friday, January 8, in St. Francis Hospital.

So Litchfield has a St Francis hospital but he is buried up here in Evergreen Park there has to be something wrong with parents names....or at least Mom's maiden name...I gotta headache the only conclusion I can make is that his uncle is our Adam...and his father ? would be Jacob b.1841 that doesn't seem right...or his dad Peter is just another branch of the tree. from way back...and the schmidt women sleep around....

Thu 9/1/2011 12:23 PM

Ok back to your work......on the tree I found this...Lorenz Zender son of Anna Muno b.1843 (Adam's oldest sister) his birth/death. dates are that of Adam's brother Lorenz. The headstone at St H, below , attests to his name of Lawrence. So Lawrence/Lorenz makes sense, wife name of Mary..Well on the list of marriage certificates it shows Lorenz and Mary REINBERG, married in 1874.

Mon 8/15/2011 6:46 PM

I went to a Rogers Park historical program they had on Saturday. Nice little program, I enjoyed it. There new home, on Morse, is really nice too. They have some full wall graphics they merged together and they're bigger than life. So for me to sit and stare at a view from Pratt looking south down Ridge in the mid 1920's was a treat. The family greenhouses that I have seen the small photo years ago but have been wanting to view some more. I am going to return there some night for more photos to look at. And I have a few more to share with them. Nothing earth shattering just part of RP history.

Did you know about the book that came out in 2008 with John Zender's work finally in print? I fell into it accidently perusing the shelves after the program. Title: West Ridge.

I did not know they had the new version out. Awesome it covers the Johann Zender journey and documents and really gives the Zender story it's proper place. The Adam and Helena wedding photo, the greenhouse photo and just a darn good read. I got my copy and just dropped it off at Christy's house today.

After leaving the program, I went back to St. Henry's and took another 45 or so pictures of the graves. Lucky for me Calvary Cemetery had just cleaned all the overgrowth away from the stones so I have a whole new bunch of "pieces of the puzzle".

The picture you showed me that you merged together Aunt Ceal and Aunt Annie stones, prompted me to look for Aunt Ceal's first husband's stone. Because my head is so wrapped around these names and connections it is now officially an addiction. Well, guess where Lisle Hart is buried?

There is a 12' -14" monument for the Reinberg's. Surrounding the monument are 16 graves with 1/2 the headstones on outside edge and let's say "feet" pointing inward. Adam and Helena, and Lambert Zender, Peter Reinberg a mystery grave next to him and George Reinberg, (wife) Clara Reinberg and at the foot of the monument which you would presume is an honored postion, two graves south of Adam Zender is Lisle Hart. So that was a real "go figure" moment for me. I am going to call Janice which I must anyway and ask her about that. Very interesting, to me anyway. I also have some other little mystery's that I have gotten the death records of and when I finish figuring out whom is whom I will let you know. One last thing you mentioned a cousin of your Clesen. the minute i read that I knew it was on my list of mini-mystery's of the cemetery see below. I would love to know the connection...not a name i recall from Dad and stories.

Thu 8/11/2011 12:19 AM

Oh the things one can come across when diving into the past. This is the simple headstones of Adam and Helena Zender. Don't know if you want to use or not. As I look again at my photos I have... Up in the SE corner of the main cemetery Aunt Ceal is buried next to 2nd husband William Eckenroth (1st husband Lisle Hart is also in St Henry's). This is NOT the Henry and Anna Zender Muno who was (Adam's sister), he was murdered in 1886. So these headstones above are Henry Muno next to Anna Zender Muno..(.Adam's daughter) who is next to William and Ceal

The boy who was the "model" for the Cracker Jack box article below, a nephew of "our" Anna Zender, Lu's sister. And now you know why I have a headache. top of his stone there is an oval that probably at one time contained a picture. One other picture I have is of a Harry Zender born in 1900...another piece of Zender that I cannot place on tree. So this is rather minor in the importance list but interesting. I'm still putting this together. But sometimes pieces fall together. going to bed now too many people with the same name.......

Thu 8/4/2011 3:58 PM

I have a great picture of 6638 ridge and Ma's House...Adam and Helena at 6757 Ridge. Where should I put them. My thought...under the Karthauser picture because 1 house was n of Karthausers (6757 on other side of street) and the other was south of Kartheiser's. Only reason I know this is from when I lived at 6638 and The Ridge Inn became Algauer's, (formerly Karthausers) was 5 houses down. Just a suggestion I hate to mess with brilliance, now that you have the Zender children pages, should we move some of the pics to the page and leave Adam and Helena and articles and buildings on the Zender Ancestry Picture page? Don't roll your whatever works I think your brilliant. I'll hold off on my endeavors until I can get it right. My aim is to please. I'm going to look up Picasa now. Most importantly, if I ever get in your way or you are not comfortable with this just let me know, please. Don't bite your tongue and be polite, just tell me. I have been known for overzealousness. Tee Hee.

Your cousin...Amy Beth

From: Amy W []

Sent: Tuesday, September 18, 2012 3:53 PM

To: brian

Subject: St Henry's

Dear Brian, Well my friend Sunday at St. Henry's was a very neat day. It was interesting and informative as far as the reason's why the Ridge was formed why people came here and stayed. I was able to get the Zender stories I had, included main one being the burial spot of the boat folks. I was asked by Glenna to include the Reinberg info I had, Muno and the connection to Cracker Jack boy. I connected him to the Muno's which married the Zender's and it went well. No earth shattering lineage information but it made this cemetery seem like home.

Ginny was there, David Fortman , John Zender another gal holding Helmut Zender's lineage thing, (didn't really get a chance to talk to her), and this other gal I met from a year ago (e-mail only)...Deb Simon. First Fortman was friendly, engaging and approachable. go figure....he did interject his knowledge about early settlers, and the why's about leaving mother country and why everyone named their first born with father's name and so on. The gal who ran it had the goal of covering 8 founding families a starting point and their effect on the neighbors of West Ridge. From that stand point it was a huge success.

Ya know as some of these cemetery tours go it's mayor of this, and inventor of Pullman cars and this was focused on how these families helped each other give birth, murder Henry Muno, the chicago Fire after stories, and just kept it in the Ridge Pratt Devon neighborhood. And then it went into the gardening and flowers biz's and other industries of the late 1900's. The gal at the society didn't realize that the Lu Lux interview was Lu Zender Donahoe. When we got to Aunt Juel's grave I gave the Ingenue's story and we had surprised Ginny with an extra handout sheet I will attach it so you can see what I ripped off of your site and put together. When I completed it the gal Deb above I mentioned says to me..."Wait a minute Donahoe? godfather was Richard Donahoe. My Dad John McCartney was friends with him and Bert. They all hung around together and called themselves the rat pak.." See it's all connected.

So if anything comes from this I am hoping that Ginny, John Zender or even the society peeps want to have some sort of round table discussion about Zender and maybe a gathering at the Fortman house...we will see what transpires. but that is the buzz in the e-mails since sunday.

Ginny and I both used the phrase.... heart warming.... to describe the feeling we had afterwards.

So I am pleased with how I represented the family and the gal running it wants to use me in her next one which will concentrate on 1900 to about 1920's..again we will see. Yes I found a sequined top with a Rose on it to represent these famous flower growers. It's the Gloria in me...tell your Mom.

I will let you know if anything promising crops up on a meet n greet thing. other than that stay out of wakes and more time outdoors.


Ginny, Amy, and Helmut

Amy Windler


From: Amy W []

Sent: Monday, November 05, 2012 9:26 AM

To: brian

Subject: Re: Nancy Windler

got it ...thank you very much...the last of my Aunt's and Uncle's 106 wow...her Dad was born 6 years before the Civil War...1856 same as Adam Zender... One of those men Uncle Bob's father-in-law the other his grandfather.. As long as I 'm writing I have to share this. I met with David Fortman Friday at his home, ya the one built in 1871. You know what a dork I am I was enveloped with the fact that our Gr Gr granparents were in that place and prob Adam and Lena, our Gr's. And hanging on the wall in the living room is the photo from D/Z site (below the 5 sisters pic) and it is Peter Smith Jr and his wife, Elizabeth, Adam's Aunt and Uncle who built the home two blocks north of Zender/Karthauser place. Maria Anna Schmidt Zender's brother. WEll it was interesting. I was there for 5 hours and I spoke maybe 45 min of that time so I have yet to get some questions answered. Oh well I will e-mail him. I was grateful to be there though. He is in a battle right now with Bone Marrow cancer and is going back to Mayo this week for a second treatment. He is practical about the fact that he may be on a limited schedule (1 year) but is going to go out fighting. He has shifted most of his energy to military research but he is going to add the Zender info to his Fortman site to then be able to add the Windler info to get it up to my Dad. That was my goal , so we will see. That way when I submit my zender/ Windler write up to RPWRHS it will have that as a back-up. David Fortman actually worked for Uncle Ed Zender at the Sinclair station that used to sit next to Lu's house. Other than that he had no recollection of the Windler's that 10 - 15 yr birth span that put them in different circles. He was impressed with what I had to show him to put credibility to my angle on it. Below is her obituary and I sent a photo also. Your call. .............

Nancy Loraine Brown Windler

(September 23, 1906 - November 3, 2012)

Mrs. Nancy Loraine Brown Windler, of Upper Arlington Ohio, formerly of Savannah Georgia, died Saturday, November 3, 2012 at her residence. A graveside funeral service will be held on Friday, November 9TH, at 11:00am at the Bethlehem Baptist Church Cemetery in Warthen, Georgia. Father Carlton Shuford will officiate. A memorial service will be held at the First Community Village in Upper Arlington, OH at a later date.

Mrs. Windler was born in Washington County Georgia the daughter of the late John Lafayette Brown and the late Tallulah Bussell Brown. She was a retired educator having taught school in the states of Illinois, Tennessee, Michigan and the Charles Ellis School in Savannah, Georgia. While in Savannah, Mrs. Windler was an active member of the St. John’s Episcopal Church and a member of the Oglethorpe Club. She also worked as a guide at the Green Meldrim House, the Parish House of St. John’s Church and the Colonial Dames House. While residing in Upper Arlington, Mrs. Windler was a member of the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church. She was also active with the Washington County and Georgia Historical Societies. Mrs. Windler is predeceased by her husband, Robert Adam Windler, her sister, Dovie Brown Helsabeck, brothers, J.L. Brown and Samuel Brown and her granddaughter Corina Windler.

Survivors are: her son Douglas Windler, of Upper Arlington OH; and grandchildren, Sarah Windler and her husband Jeremy French, Jenny Windler, Samuel Windler, and Jane Windler.

Donations may be made in Mrs. Windler’s memory to the donor’s favorite charity


Absolute proven list of birth/death dates to change or add, proven using: census, Ancestry. Com, kiosk at cemeteries. I call it, “The Bible” which I have submitted (late Oct 2013) to RPWRHS in a 130 pg binder entitled: “Zender to Windler 6 Generations, Spanning 1850-1961 in Rogers Park/West Ridge” , complete with 15 page fold-out printed ancestry (.com) family tree. Remember I am more Rogers Park history than genealogically motivated.

The Children (bold below) of these 4 siblings of Adam ‘s needed birth/death dates. So Brian….no need for spouses: they are just there to show you I know this is factual… no need to add info in {brackets} just birth and death dates

1) Anna Maria Muno b. 1843 the Mom using b. date just for clarity Add correction to her kids > 8 kids – No Mary indicated b. approx. 1867, No Anna indicated b. approx. 1874< neither girl on 1870 or 1880 census. Assumed died as infants..or not in this family. The rest listed here is proven

Henry Muno b. 1866-1953 ……………{wife Anna Udelhofen 1874-1903}, Brian, your Henry Muno dates were those of Henry

Zender son of Lorenz I know it gets so confusing

Peter Muno 1869 – 1952 {wife Catherine Schneider 1871-1960,}

John Henry Muno 1871-1928 {wife Margaret M Barg 1889-1963,}

Charles Peter Muno 1873-1930 {wife Clara Nellessen 1886,}

Mathias John Muno 1876-1953 {wife ElisabethProesel 1880-1965, wed 1899}

Lorenz E. Muno 1878 {wife Mary Nellesen 1878-1952,}

Louise K. Muno 1880 {husband Sarsfield Bradley1885-1935},

John Edward Muno 1884-1959 {wife Gertrude Balmes 1889-1977.}

2) Peter Zender b. 1846 10 kids (+ J.A. infant on headstone no birthdate known)

John C. Zender 1870 {wife Susanna Mersch 1877.}

Marie Zender 1872-1899 {married Valentin Simon,}

Louisa (Lulu) Zender 1873- 1951 {husband Peter Michael Weber 1863 – 1944}….

Katherine Zender 1876 {husband Fred H Schreiber b.1878…wed 1899..}

Peter Charles Zender 1878-1878 on your tree as Charles…..

Nicholas J. Zender 1879 – 1945 {wife Anna Robertson 1879…< owned the bowling alley}

Adam Zender 1881 – 1936 {wife Anna R. Doyle 1875 – 1944}…………ADD……………

Margaretha Zender 1883-1883… on your tree as Maggie

Anna Zender 1884-1892…. On your tree as A

Clara M. Zender 1886 {husband Robert G. Bell 1881} …………ADD………….. Adding Adam and Clara above I am also sure of as they were in Mom’s obituary as surviving kids.

3) John Zender b. 1849 9 kids

Annie Zender 1873 {1st Bernard Eishtadt 1871 , 2nd husband Anderson},

Leonard F Zender 1874-1938 {wife Emma)(daughter Mabel},

Lizzie Zender 1876-1953 { Frank Bairstow 1876},

Bertha (Barbara) Zender 1878- {married Henry Ketter 1878, < divorced before 1930}

Helen (Lena) Zender 1881 {Louis Cornille 1883},

Katherine Zender 1882 {Henry Martinson 1880},

Marie (Mayme) Zender 1884 {Ralph Glick},

Jacob Leonard Zender 1885 { (JJ zender’s grandpa)1st wife Cora and 2nd Katherine Peyo}

Maude(Martha) Zender 1891 < died before 1930 {George McLain 1891}

4) Maria Keil b.1854 2 kids

Mamie Keil 1879-1954 {Wm Ruffer 1875-1955}

Peter Keil 1881- 1944 {Bertha 1889-1967}

From: Amy W []

Sent: Monday, February 02, 2015 3:50 PM

To: Brian Donahoe

Subject: Re: Edward A Donahoe

Dear Brian ~~

After reviewing your Donahoe site 3 things jumped out at me. Mary M Donahoe on your tree, 1st born to Joseph P was born in Oct 27,1891 not 1899, next to her you have Julia? Well that was from some Ancestry typo in the 1920 census, which referred to Juel as Julia so any ancestry search would pop that up. (unless you had some other source) you can remove Julia.

Under Adam Zender children, Lu way down … 3 pics of Things found in Lu’s things….the 2 items “From Album of Genealogy 1895 is actually from a book published 1897. I had added it to our Early Zender Ancestors page on your site but here is the info again.

Title of book “Album of Genealogy and Biography of Cook County Illinois 1897” She wrote, verbatim, what is found on page 521-522. This is her grandfather John Zender. So now you have the Source. In that book are many famous Chicagoans. Lu must have been so proud because she never met her grandparents. Also in that book were a dozen of Rogers Park people in St Henry’s cemetery. You can easily download the whole book, as I had. I went 1 step further I have a list of who we would know from the index. I did check no Donahoe’s but Nick Karthauser is in there and in his 1897 bio says that his wife’s parents, John and Mary Zender came over on the same vessel and married shortly thereafter.

You can go to it, google title in quotes above and choose the one that is url…you can open it and “in full screen view” using scroll bar on bottom to go direct to Zender page 521, Nic Karthauser page 518, other notables, of course, Peter Reinberg pg 368, Peter Muno pg 614 and Fr Rutershoff pastor St Henry’s pg 511, and Index pg 702. I’ve read a whole bunch of them, found it so interesting. You may find names that I am not familiar with so check the index.

You have a picture of the Northbrook house of Lu’s? Where was that? Address? I would love to know.

I see where you do have a small article about the specifics of Lambert’s tragic death. I forgot I have read that before. We just don’t know what paper.

Ok I’m just going out on a limb here (tree? Pun just happened). Constantly in my Ancestry work I come across a tree “Donahoe Family tree” with all your clan in it. Owner is a female wahini1957..Is this Terry Donahoe’s wife? I only know Mary Jo, John, Nancy and then Dan only from my brother, Bob’s stories.

Thanks ………….. Amy

Attached: for Mary M … 1900 census and for Juel vs Julia…the 1920 census

and Mary’s death record, stating her date of birth as does 1900 census.

U.S. Social Security Death Index

NAME: Mary Donahoe

SSN: 360-09-7177 < don't print this either


BORN: 27 Oct 1891 <<< Change under her pictures page also

DIED: Nov 1965

STATE (YEAR) SSN ISSUED: Illinois (Before 1951)

I am still working on Zender tree, Aunt Lone Kane, (Seng, McKerr, Kane), Ed Zender, Lambert, and Rene Zender Schuh.

From: Amy W []

Sent: Friday, February 13, 2015 12:42 PM

To:;;;;;; brian

Subject: David Fortman

Dear Cousin’s, Glenna, Rob and friend from Ancestry..Roberta,

I see in today’s Chgo Tribune obituaries the passing of David Fortman. I last met with him in fall of 2012, at his house which was a delight for me picturing some of our ancestor’s in that house.

I just wanted you all to know since he really did so much for history and Roger’s Park. I have no idea who he had contact with on a regular basis. It makes me sad but I have some great memories of our encounters over the past 5 years.

He will be buried at the Smith Monument in St Henry’s this Monday, 2/16. He was my 3rd cousin, once removed as Adam Zender and Louisa Fortman were 1st cousins. Roberta, your Gr Grandfather, Peter Schmidt (III) 1850-1897 is his Great Uncle if I have this all correct.

I let Helmut Zender know via FB private message.

I enclosed the picture we all know so well. God Bless him.


From: Amy W <>

Sent: Sunday, May 5, 2019 3:14 PM


Subject: Some old, old photos...

Hello there cousins –

I have received some 40 pictures of Zender and Winder photos. These were in a Kaeding closet for 45+ yrs and they have to be from Amy Zender Windler. A couple of fun finds -- 1) the reception of Amy and Robert’s 1911Wedding with Aunt Ceal at 14 yrs old, tipping a wine glass and Uncle ED next to her. 2) A group of gals Front row2nd from right is Aunt Lone (looks like Joan Seng to me, wow) 3) Bert Zender on his ”machine” was a postcard he mailed to his sister, Amy in St Louis May of 1914or1915 because Uncle Bob was born in StL in 1913 and Aunt Betty Kaeding born there Feb 1915.and Bert died 1919 so this is a gift... and a cast of unknown’s which is why I am sending to you all. Anyone know or recognize anyone from your old photos? There is an old Weiland picture and one of Adam’s daughter Anne Zender Muno and many I posted to my Ancestry tree < not included here…if anyone has access to that you can see them there.

It was actually a treasure trove of Windler’s in St Louis photos from when Amy and Robert lived there, seriously 115 old photos, in all. I have had a blast sorting through and I have a Windler contact that I sent 75 of these off to her after scanning. So I am asking you to see what we know about the remaining.

I kept any from a Chicago photographer as my way to determine StL or Chgo. I had to ask before I decide what to do with them. Thank you.

Finally a beautiful day in Chicago

All good here in Glenview take care and I hope you are all well.