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Facebook message 10/27/2019: hope you got my email awhile back about some finds about our Luxembourger heritage. I went to a presentation at the Edgewater Historical Society and it was full of interesting facts about that third branch of our heritage.

From: Ginny Zender <>

Date: Tue, Aug 20, 2019 at 3:41 PM

Subject: Another amazing group of funds from Helmut Zender

To: Brian Donahoe <>

Hi Brian....did you get these 3 pics yet?.But it's pretty cool and we are definitely related to the N.J. Zender mentioned in the attachments as well as Henry Zender.If you don't have how they're related I can send that to you. N.J. likely stands for Nicholas Joseph..

What's extra fun is the foreign language program mentioning Luxembourg. Is it connected to the page mentioning Henry? Probably? If so.. it shows the strong relationships between the Luxies and the Germans who farmed 'The Ridge' together.(Ridge Avenue).

My dad's mom was a Luxie..helen reinberg. Her dad (or uncle) i think was peter reinberg who went on to BE VERY wealthy and set aside cook county's Busse Woods' land while he surved as the first forest preserve President. That was amazing forward thinking. You 2 would have been great buddies.The land is near the huge Ikea near the giant Schaumburg mall.

Peter once had a house at Sheridan Road near the beach before lake shore drive was built. Yikes!

Anyway i am one-quarter Luxie...what would that make you? Helen R. Would be your great grandmother? Helen is your grandma Lu's mom!

I called it extra fun as i recently attended an Edgewater (neighborhood where i went to high school) also near rogers park...historical society presentation on the contributions of early Luxembourger settlers and how they worked with and intermarried the German immigrants.

Looking forward to your thoughts when time permits.

Luv Ginny

Note from Brian: Adam Zender's brother Peter had a son Nicholas J Zender (1879-1945). And... Adam's brother Lorenz had a son Henry, and so did Adam's sister Ann Marie Muno have a son Henry. Not certain which it is, since both were alive in 1927 (although not certain Ann Maries son would have had Zender name).

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Sent: Sunday, February 24, 2019 5:29 PM

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Subject: Helmut Zender

Hi Brian. In case you missed seeing Helmut Zender recent posts he found something pretty and where our Zender clan made it to America.

Helmt says the John Zender he mentions is Adam's great grandfather. This is the first i have heard of a 'French connection'.


From Helmut

...the harbor of Le Havre in France, an painting from 1840, the year when John Zender and the family Shmith emigratet from there to America.

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Subject: More from Helmut today

....a related family to Johann Zender, who emigrated to Chicago from the same village in 1852, landet in New York on January 24, 1853.

Bernhard Dewald and his wife Angela, a 3th cousin to John Zender, with her two children Helena and Mathias.

They were together with his five siblings and Parents John and Catharina Dewald.

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Date: Tue, Mar 6, 2018 at 1:16 PM

Subject: Fwd: pics

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Here's the picture of dead Michael and his sisters. More soon.

Who is Patricia Hartman. Always glad to have more pics. Do you have the one of Dorothy and My Mom serenading cows at the University of Wisconsin (Madison); part of a scientific experiment to determine whether cows at the University dairy farm (which is sill there) would product more milk due to the cow concert! lol. Dorothy has her leg hiked up on some old wooden structure or another, and my mom's head is in the pic, but sadly her face is obscured.

Forgive if I already sent it, it was a kind of miracle that I found it--talked to the school archivist and found out more.

I sure miss old Juel who died when I was way too young to realize much of what she'd done--but I did know enough to keep he pictures.