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Welcome to the Donahoe and Zender Family history.This tree has 2 interconnections... Two different Donahoes married two different Zenders. They were both siblings.

John Donahoe and Loucille Zender

(pictured to the left)


Juel Donahoe and William Zender

(pictured to the right)

Last Update: May 12, 2021

If you have anything to share: pictures, notes, or corrections, please send them or tell me what you have by signing the guestbook.

A few recent albums added under "Sons" under John Donahoe and Lu Zender sections:

● Jay: Old album, 1970-ish family party

● Pat: slides 1, slides 2, pics from funeral

● Cousins: Parties in 2003 and 2019


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This website was designed and compiled by

Brian J. Donahoe (grandson of the 2 on the left above), shortly after both his

father Bert Donahoe and Bert's mother Lu Zender (also known as Lu Lux) died, both in 2001.

He also runs and maintains the website and adds to it periodically (usually in bursts).


Many thanks to Ginny Zender (daughter of Juel Donahoe and William Zender, the 2 on the right above) for many images and contributions,

and to John J. Zender (great grandson of John L. Zender) for his research notes on the Zender side,

and to Amy Windler, for her enthusiastic contributions,

And to Helmut Zender who has compiled various significant detailed workups of various Zenders, some that can be seen here.

Several detailed workups deep into the Zender tree originated with a compendium from David Fortman.

Many thanks to distant Donahoe relative Jaime Lamberto for much of the narrative text on the Donahoe side,

and much of the data that was used to create the distant Donahoe tree somewhat parallel to our line.